Announces Top Performers for the week of June 7, 2017. a website that accepts nominees from the top professionals, worldwide, is pleased to announce the selected top performers for the week of June 7, 2017.

TRP recognizes Robert Abedi, of Law Offices of Robert Abedi, as a top professional in US immigration law.

“Law Offices of Robert Abedi recognizes that immigration is more than simply treating clients who come through our doors. We have an ‘anchor mission’ that can help build not only a more successful immigration experience, but also a more prosperous immigrant community in the USA.”

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TRP recognizes Refund Angels as a top professional in auditing government agencies and filing claims for money that people don't even know they are owed.

“Most people don't even know they can get money by auditing government agencies.”

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TRP recognizes Ron Farber, of Fivestar IT, as a top professional consultant in Information Technology and Media Authority.

“The biggest problem facing small to medium sized businesses and their owners today is the lack of understanding of the benefits of the latest technology, which could not only save them time and money but could also help them increase their exposure resulting in increased sales.”

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TRP recognizes Bill Lewis, author of Midas and 1000 Cows An Entrepreneurs Crazy Journey to Making Millions, as a top professional specialist in the impact of future technology and digital transformation in the boardroom, and the upheaval of business as we know it today; and the opportunities laid open for entrepreneurs.

“‘The ‘how’ of communication is being re-written. Businesses to customers, co-workers with each other, everyone linked to devices and bots; images overlaid with augmented reality and complemented by artificial intelligence. You cannot escape. If you do not have a strategy you are out of the game.”

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TRP recognizes Small Business Marketing Specialists as a top professional in small business insider marketing secrets, lead generation using LinkedIn for local & internet businesses.

“The more you focus, the more you attract. Finding your niche is key to creating multiple streams of income for your business.”

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TRP recognizes Dale A Hackett as a top professional in local business mobile marketing.

“Today's local business owners have multiple challenges marketing their products, social media, reviews and reputation. However they also have better solutions to grow their business than ever before with hyperlocal mobile advertising. Our clients can now even geo target their customers.”

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