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TRP recognizes Jason Yesser as a top professional in SEO.

“Doing business online is nothing more than positioning your company in front of the right person at the right time as the solution to their problem. Since everyone uses Google and search engines to find their answers, it is imperative to utilize SEO so you can be on page 1 as the solution they need.”

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TRP recognizes Jeff P. Vogan, President of Premiere Retirement Planning and Wealth Management, as a top professional in helping people manage wealth by and maximize retirement income so they can retire and stay retired with total peace of mind.

“Many retirees don't understand and often don't plan for the potentially devastating effect market volatility can have on stable retirement income. Before taking on more risk, retirees should first consider pension and Social Security maximization strategies, and guaranteed lifetime annuity payouts.”

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TRP recognizes Credible Security Solutions, Inc., as a top professional in the security and investigative industry.

“When conducting a security assessment or an investigation, I am convinced that analyzing the past, evaluating the present and providing a plan for the future; establishes a credible solution that will protect you, your family and your assets. Protection is a matter of prevention, not reaction.”

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TRP recognizes Rick White's Sailing Seminars; RAM Press, Book Publisher;; Rick White’s Sailing Seminars; Catamaran Sailor Magazine;, author of Sailing Drills: How to Sail Better, Faster, Smarter, Safer; Catamaran Racing: For the 90s, as a top professional in sailing, sailboat racing, and coaching sailing.

“My Rick White’s Sailing Seminars has taught over 3000 winning sailor.., 8 are Olympic Medalists. 50+ World-Class sailors were Guest Experts. When they talked it went in one ear.., and I plugged the other one. So, I have a wealth of knowledge and use it to help others. My books/videos do just that!”

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TRP recognizes Carl Hunter as a top professional in mind-power development.

“Activating new neural pathways in your brain using the MindFlavors™ technology is the single most important thing you can do to unlock higher powers of your subconscious mind and quickly get rid of limiting mental patterns so you can easily manifest your desires.”

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TRP recognizes Michael Leslie as a top professional political strategist and consultant specializing in digital technologies.

“The days of newspaper, radio and TV ads are dying. Today's political elections are being won through the intelligent use of digital technologies and strategies. The use of Social Media, Videos, and an arsenal of other digital strategies, the Candidate will Dominate the electorate like never before.”

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TRP recognizes Pinky Morada as a top professional in media authority.

“Your perceived value in a marketplace increases significantly once you position yourself as an authority in your industry. This results to more high paying clients, more sales, and consequently higher profits.”

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TRP recognizes Cynthia Marshall, MBA, as a top professional in business and money coaching for service based entrepreneurs, business owners and sales professionals.

“Numbers alone don't tell the whole story. It doesn't really matter how much you earn, how hard you work or even how many opportunities you have. If you have an unhealthy relationship with money, or emotional blocks around money, you have little chance of ever reaching your financial goals.”

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TRP recognizes Kelly Kramer as a top professional in SEO.

“Helping businesses get more business.”

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TRP recognizes Patty Archibald as a top professional in sales and business development.

“Results-oriented executive leader in sales, business development, marketing, procurement and supply chain. Proven success in foodservice and retail distribution and manufacturing meeting aggressive performance objectives, controlling costs, improving market share while gaining customer loyalty.”

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