Announces Top Performers for the week of June 24, 2015. a website that accepts nominees from the top professionals, worldwide, is pleased to announce the selected top performers for the week of June 24, 2015.

TRP recognizes Angela Grover, of Virtually A to Z, as a top professional in inbound marketing.

“Having marketing processes & systems in place are essential to growing your business. I help entrepreneurs with their inbound marketing strategies so they’re proactive & not reactive in their business. Building systems that constantly generate leads, more sales and increase authority in your niche.”

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TRP recognizes True Life Enterprises LLC as a top professional in leadership coaching and life mentoring.

“Motivation, although good, comes from outside of you and is temporary. Inspiration comes from within and can stand the test of time. I encourage you to start from within. Start with your mind. Because 'What you fill your mind with, you fill your life with.”

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TRP recognizes Hawkins Wealth Advisory LLC as a top professional in private wealth management.

“A purposeful alternative to big banks and brokerage firms. The Advisory encompasses over 50 years of experience, with a select team of distinguished Professionals providing a powerful, wealth management and investment platform, solving the needs and diverse holdings of high-net-worth clientele.”

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TRP recognizes George Wheeler Jr as a top professional in the security industry.

“Security starts with education. Being informed of the risks that surround your community or organization and having awareness of your vulnerabilities will help you design a process for security. Executing that process should involve the entire community and not just the police or security team.”

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TRP recognizes ActionCOACH Team Sage as a top professional in small business growth.

“Most small business owners are an expert in their own field of business, however, very few are experts in business. In fact, most small business owners end up being a slave to their business. Getting expert advice from a business coach is the best way to have your business succeed.”

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TRP recognizes Andrew Sutton as a top professional in coaching World Class Dance Instructors.

“Becoming a world class dance instructor is EASY! I went from being the one everyone avoided on the dance floor to a world champion teaching in 231 cities across 34 countries by focusing on 3 things: my dancing, teaching, and business. Many dancers focus on 1 & struggle. It's easy but it takes all 3.”

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TRP recognizes Brock Shinen as a top professional in helping entrepreneurs, creators and small business owners become successful and profitable.

“For more than a decade, I've helped entrepreneurs, creators, and small business owners pivot into success and profitability. My methodology is transparent and backed by years of success and growth. Whether you face "how do I get out of this mess" or "how do I jump ahead" questions - I see your path.”

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TRP recognizes Alan Bonner as a top professional in tech entrepreneurship.

“The demand for online video is booming, however, on average, only around 9% of businesses include video in their websites. Local business owners must convert from text-based websites, to rich content websites. Why? Because consumers now demand video and are used to seeing calls to action via video.”

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TRP recognizes Kate Johansson, author of Is Your Dog Driving You Crazy?, as a top professional in dog training.

“Most dogs have the innate ability to be heroes on a daily basis. The key is to learn how to achieve a kind, loving and respectful relationship with your dog. Loving and consistent training will ensure a trustworthy, reliable dog. Imagine if we all learned how to unlock a dog's amazing potential.”

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TRP recognizes Luke Charlton, author of FOLLOWING: The Future of Marketing that Builds a List of 1000's and Turns Them Into Clients, as a top professional in authority coaching and training of coaches, speakers, authors and trainers.

“Writing your book to position yourself as an authority to attract clients is the single most important thing you can do to increase your perceived value your marketplace and get people (including the media) beating down your door to work with you.”

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