Announces Top Performers For The Week Of June 13, 2016 a website that accepts nominees from the top professionals, worldwide, is pleased to announce the selected top performers for the week of June 13, 2016.

TRP recognizes Arno Lukas as a top professional in shamanic wellness facilitation.

“Arno is a second generation Shamanic Wellness Facilitator with 30 years experience. His ability to journey for and connect with people has earned him a nationwide following. Using a few simple techniques, Arno teaches his clients how to take charge of their own wellness; body, mind and spirit.”

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TRP recognizes Tom Gledhill, author of How to Sell Your Company and NOT Leave Money on the Table, as a top professional in the music and entertainment industry.

“Fewer than 25% of businesses that go to market actually sell and the majority of business owners have most of their net worth locked in their company. If they can't sell they won't have access to that money that was meant for retirement or their next big venture. Increasing business value is doable.”

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TRP recognizes Treste Loving Consulting as a top professional global market profiler.

“The U.S. Navy is one of the most diverse businesses and for 18 years I was the Navy's top Diversity/Inclusion/Equal Opportunity Adviser. This is a global concept, looking the same doesn't mean they’re all the same. All tigers are cats but not all cats are tigers.”

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TRP recognizes Jan Schrader, author of The Secret of the Thirteenth Month - Harvesting the Time to Achieve Your Life's Dreams, as a top professional in time management.

“The concept of having a thirteenth month seems preposterous, yet the proven results are indisputable. I teach people where and how to harvest lost and wasted time that's keeping them from doing the most important things in their lives; empowering them to achieve and live their life's dreams.”

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TRP recognizes Amy S. Wittner, author of How to Set Up Your Elementary School Classroom for Success, as a top professional educational author.

“In life, there are very few short-cuts. Teachers might figure out how to organize their classrooms, but why take years to get there when Amy Wittner makes it easy? Wittner distills practical advice into easy to follow steps that makes your life easier and your classroom work better.”

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TRP recognizes Marvin Vasquez as a top professional digital marketing strategist.

“Marvin is a strategic digital marketer with over seven years of experience. He believes that in today's market place positioning as an authority is one of the most important thing a person or business can do strategically to increase their perceived market value.”

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TRP recognizes Frank Sasaki as a top professional in assisting clients in becoming a recognized authority in their field of expertise.

“Positioning yourself as an authority in what you do, is the most important thing you can do. This will greatly enhance your perceived value to your clients and your marketplace.”

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TRP recognizes Dr. Tom Melling, author of The Art Of Success Amazon Bestseller, as a top professional in digital, mobile, and social media marketing, and a former surgeon.

“You know how it's hard to get into national publications like NBC, CBS, ABC and FOX so you can become a celebrity in your field of expertise? I solve this. I do this by utilizing a special ‘insider's' website and a unique press release format to guarantee this for any serious professional.”

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TRP recognizes Sarah-Jane Critchley, author of A Different Joy: The Parents' Guide to Living Better with Autism, Dyslexia, ADHD and More, as a top professional in autism education.

“No-one knows what a person can do, given the right support. Those who support people who are wired differently are a vital part of that support. We cheer, cajole and provide safe harbour in stormy times. Life with autism may not be what you expected, but it can still be a joy, a different joy.”

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TRP recognizes Brittnay Baltazar as a top professional in marketing platforms and business strategy.

“Brittnay has been empowering real estate agents, business owners, entrepreneurs and online marketers for almost 10 years. Her ability to understand the vision of her clients really helps to create synergy within those relationships. Brittnay's strategies are fun, creative and easy, yet highly effective.”

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