Announces Top Performers for the week of July 1, 2015. a website that accepts nominees from the top professionals, worldwide, is pleased to announce the selected top performers for the week of July 1, 2015.

TRP recognizes Angela Artemis as a top professional in identifying and eliminating sabotaging beliefs that undermine prosperity.

“The circumstances you experience in life mirror your inner beliefs. If achieving certain goals eludes you sabotaging beliefs are the culprits. Are you working tirelessly in your business but not getting the results? Until you eliminate these damaging beliefs success will remain out of your grasp.”

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TRP recognizes Deborah Clarke as a top professional in personal and career development.

“Imagine all the good we can do in this world, once we are all motivated to work to our full potential. You are the only person who can use your potential, so it's your responsibility to figure out 'what it is' you should be doing in your life and career and how it can be authentic to 'who you are'.”

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TRP recognizes Stephen Whitchurch, CFTe, as a top professional in share and futures trading and mentoring.

“Anyone can learn to trade the share market; however, some will find it more difficult than others because their beliefs and values don't support them. The first step to success is to identify and eliminate any limiting beliefs; then align your beliefs, values and behaviour with your trading goals.”

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TRP recognizes Laurens Bensdorp as a top professional in stock trading.

“Through a combination of non-correlated trading strategies you will be able to achieve consistent results in the stock markets in both bull and bear markets. Based on your objectives and risk profile you can make up to 50% annual returns.”

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TRP recognizes William De Temple as a top professional in creating massive business growth.

“Any business can be scaled to $100 million. Look how Starbucks scaled a coffee shop into a global business. Disney started with a mouse and is now the largest entertainment company in the world. McDonald’s cloned a quick hamburger into an international behemoth. $100M is easily within your reach.”

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TRP recognizes Kofi Appiah as a top professional in customer acquisition via internet marketing.

“Consumers are increasingly researching solutions online and buying. Effectively marketing your business via Internet makes for a Win-Win. But the constantly shifting cyber landscape makes a DIY approach overwhelming - with costly errors. So work with a marketing consultant. It's a smart investment.”

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TRP recognizes Steven Goldman as a top professional in information technology.

“I help companies fix voice and data network problems and save them money along the way. Maybe it’s time to review your company’s voice and data networks. Give me a call.”

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TRP recognizes Blackhole Creative Media Services as a top professional in lead generation & internet training.

“The ‘BLACKHOLE’ of Internet Marketing has attracted and ‘sucked’ millions of inexperienced people into it's DARK DEPTHS by the FALSE CLAIMS of Internet GURU'S. We are dedicated to helping people ‘FOR FREE’ who are not experienced gain a ‘foothold’ to climb out of the ‘Blackhole of Internet Media’.”

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TRP recognizes Rhonda Ourfali as a top professional in biotechnology and pharmaceutical sales.

"We live in a world of virtual value captured only by those who own relationships the medium through Which business is transacted." - Adam Sharkawy

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TRP recognizes Dave Osh as a top professional in contingent virtual employment.

“Cloud computing and software as a service (SaaS) are rapidly changing the business world. Their plug-and-play and pay-per-use capabilities put conglomerate powers in the hands of self-employed professionals. This fuels the paradigm shift from traditional on-site to contingent virtual employment.”

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