Announces Top Performers for the Week of February 24, 2014 a website that accepts nominees from the top professionals, worldwide, is pleased to announce the selected top performers for the week of February 24, 2014.

TRP recognizes Dr. Nalin Wickramasuriya as a top professional in Medical Internet Marketing.

"In our increasingly disconnected world, your word of mouth marketing will often be conducted via a screen, so you should consider investing time and effort to enhance how your reputation is perceived online and then market your reputation to guide more prospects through your sales funnel."

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TRP recognizes Henry Hor as a top professional in Reputation Marketing.

Henry Hor has been an online market consultant helping business owners in getting more customers and boosting their online visibility. His ability to provide strategic proposal to building 5 star reputation and then market that reputation to get more customers is unique.

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TRP recognizes Dr. Daniel Wolter, DMD, MS as a top professional in Cosmetic Dental Care for Baby Boomers and Seniors.

“The dental problems I see in Boomers and Seniors are quite unique and specific. Luckily, today, with advanced training, materials, and technologies, we can restore just about any dentition—regardless of age or prior problems—to comfort, function, and beauty which will last a lifetime.”

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TRP recognizes Chase Marketing Solutions as a top professional in Local Marketing.

"I believe small business owners understand the value of online marketing, but in most cases we don't have time to focus on our marketing. To solve this problem we provide a "Marketing as a Service" model to give small businesses access to a local marketing experts to help grow their business."

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TRP recognizes Trey Rigert MD as a top professional in Pain Management and Addiction Medicine.

"The prescription opioid epidemic has made doctors newly cautious about prescribing opioids; as a result legitimate pain patients are being weaned from their chronic opioid therapy. Is prudent to be cautious, but it is also crucial to be thoughtful and humane when treating chronic pain."
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TRP recognizes Beth Gayden, M.Ed. as a top professional in Book Writing Coaching and Publishing.

“Business owners and entrepreneurs set themselves apart from their competition by establishing themselves as expert leaders through book publication and media authority. This is an amazing opportunity to leverage your knowledge, increase revenue, and help more clients by utilizing Amazon.”

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TRP recognizes Stephanie Joelson as a top professional in Media Citation Consulting.

"One of the fastest ways to position yourself in your market is through media authority, increasing your perceived value."

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TRP recognizes Braylon Jackson as a top professional in Local Business Lead Optimization.

"Positioning yourself as an authority in any field in today's market place is a highly perceived attribute that increases your value. This plays a significant role in customer acquisition which is paramount while expanding your footprint and establishing Market Domination!"

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TRP recognizes Sam Peters as a top professional in Sale Copywriting.

"Being recognized as an expert in your field is more important to your potential clients when choosing who they will hire, then another single determining factor."

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TRP recognizes Jack Hopman as a top professional in Adwords Conversion.

"As a 1.5 Million Google AdWords Manager I hate paying for clicks and not making a conversion. Retargeting with RTBallows me to bring the website visitor back and increase thevalue of the ad spend by at least 10X."

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