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TRP recognizes Woods Law KC as a top professional in personal injury law.

“Woods Law KC served many people throughout Missouri and Kansas with personal injuries - for 20+ years. We represent clients from simple slip and fall accidents to complex medical malpractice, products liability and wrongful death cases and received millions of dollars in settlements and verdicts.”

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TRP recognizes Sammy C. as a top professional in Marketing Consultancy.

“In the modern world, apart from providing quality services or products, any business needs three basic pillars to succeed in marketing themselves and attracting new customers - Branding, Security and Lead Generation. We thrive in providing quality services in these areas to our valued clients.”

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TRP recognizes Edwin Berry, PhD, author of Montana's Last Indian Water Compact: The Truth about the Compact and the Republican Party, as a top professional in Conservative politics.

“FREE Kindle book Feb 15-19. This book is a voter wake-up call. Ninety percent of Montanans wanted the CSKT Water Compact. Tea party radicals insanely opposed the Compact. Montana's House ratified the Compact by ONE vote. Ds and Rs must read this book. It shows them how to defeat tea party radicals.”

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TRP recognizes Kevin Felton as a top professional in trade show and special event utilities.

“Kevin evaluated our needs and spent the time necessary with us to understand what we wanted to accomplish. He then came up with a solution that far exceeded our expectations. Not only did he outperform our expectations, but he saved us 50% from our previous bills.”

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TRP recognizes Bill Toujouse, MBA as a top professional in financial management and improving efficiencies.

“Bill’s ability to identify cost savings and better allocation of resources is well known. I find him to be very professional in his interactions with colleagues. I found many of his ideas to obtain more business and sources of income both innovative and intriguing.” Bub Millet, Director, EJGH

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TRP recognizes Kerrie Mercel as a top professional in no tech, low cost webinar systems.

“A mediocre business tells. A good business explains. A superior business demonstrates. An awesome business inspires using the intimate connection of webinars.”

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TRP recognizes Larry D. Shankle as a top professional in faith coaching.

“Understanding and leveraging authority will open up opportunities for you to live your dream and positively impact others. If you want to be a leader worth following, begin studying the power of rightly applied authority.”

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TRP recognizes Balcomb Financial Associates as a top professional in business lifestyle financial consulting.

“Exit planning early on will shape your transition with grace and honor. Facilitating a mentorship between younger and older employees will develop a legacy of your own design. As such, your departure is the most significant aspects of how you'll be remembered by your business community.”

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