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TRP recognizes Tracy Montgomery as a top professional in success coaching.

“I believe all people work perfectly, sometimes we just need to make small changes to update our programming.”

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TRP recognizes Barbara Bedford, author of My OnLine Sales Machine, as a top professional entrepreneur business, helping people change their mind, change their life to achieve happiness, wealth, financial freedom, financial security and balance in their life.

“You know how frustrating it is to have a nine to five job. No freedom, no time to spend with family, no time or money to travel, no financial security, money for retirement, and not living your dreams!! I solve this. I will take you by the hand, help make your dreams a reality.”

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TRP recognizes Ryan Hauser as a top professional in online financial freedom.

“Making money online is a very easy thing to do however 97% of people have the hardest time being successful at it. The 3 top reasons for failure... distraction, mindset, leadership. I will help you overcome those three issues to ensure your success online.”

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TRP recognizes as a top professional in online or offline business and retailing.

“Today’s retail sectors face a plethora of challenges such as harnessing consumer demand to empower business growth and tap into the online eBusiness billions. This is missed revenue! Until now, there has never been an ez platform for small business layaway. Now there is ezpay solution,”

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TRP recognizes John Wu, author of 7 Secrets Of A Tax-Free Retirement: The Wisdom Of Tax-Free Retirement With No Stock Market Risk, No Tax Risk & No Penalties For Using Your Own Money, as a top professional in retirement planning.

“Anyone with a 401K, IRA, or any other traditional retirement plan needs to get as much protection as they can; and through the Index Universal Life option, I get to help those people get the ultimate in upside potential and downside protection.”

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TRP recognizes Dr. Martina Zorc as a top professional in international outer space law.

"Companies and investors engaging in space activities should take into account that the existence of property rights on what's extracted from asteroids and other celestial bodies doesn't necessarily mean that the benefits won't have to be shared with all countries.”

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TRP recognizes William K. Wesley as a top professional in top performance training.

"According to a Harvard study the balanced individual is more productive than the out of balance person. Based on these findings I have developed a proprietary training program that will optimize individual and organizational performance."

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TRP recognizes Scott Helmer as a top professional in mindset performance.

“It usually isn't what we currently know that keeps us from sustainable's what we have yet to learn about what is holding us back that keep us from moving forward. That's where mindset/ brain-set come into play. I show fitness pros how to do this.”

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TRP recognizes Joe Sabatucci as a top professional in trading options for income.

"Joe Sabatucci, Founder/Owner of Brick In The Wall Street recently announced the launch of his ‘Simple Options Trading System’ course. This course demonstrates step by step how even someone with no options experience can learn to improve investing results and easily generate an extra income safely.”

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TRP recognizes T. Izzy Romalatti Byler as a top professional in media authority.

“Creatively positioning yourself as an expert is the #1 most critical action you can take to increase your perceived marketplace value.”

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