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TRP recognizes Bubzi Co. as a top professional in baby health industry

“Yes, babies constantly get sick and get running noses. Bubzi Co. has found a solution many moms are looking for. Their Baby Nasal Aspirator ( provides a safe and easy aspirator that is poised to revolutionize the industry. Mom controls the suction plus it is easy to clean.”

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TRP recognizes Jack Ho as a top professional in helping people to launch their physical products on Amazon and rank them quickly by utilizing the media authority logos on the product listing pages.

“It's easier to make a decision right, than to make a right decision. Get started quickly as long as going in the right direction, and become perfect later. To correct a wrong decision is better than being too cautious of trying to make the right decision at the beginning and end up doing nothing.”

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TRP recognizes Jeffrey A. Cronk, DC, JD as a top professional in healthcare and legal.

"Spinal Ligament Injuries and the spinal instability that they leave behind are the number one cause of pain and disability worldwide. Today too few doctors understand how to determine the severity and location of this condition, and too many people may be in unnecessary pain as the result of it."

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TRP recognizes Advanced Health Center as a top professional in wellness consultation.

"Being a specialist in Functional Medicine and Wellness, I strive to find the true underlying cause of our patient's health problems. By first finding the real cause of their symptom, I can then design a program to help them get well naturally that works!"

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TRP recognizes Sherley Grace as a top professional in business coaching and consulting

“In my 25 plus years of working with corporate leaders and entrepreneurs, I have seen fear and overwhelm stop countless people in their tracks. Clear goals, step-by-step plans, accountability and leverage are keys to growing a thriving business with confidence and ease, while living a life you love.”

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TRP recognizes Richard Hoefer, author of Developing Nonprofit and Human Services Leaders: Essential Knowledge and Skills, as a top professional in nonprofit management consulting.

"The key to having more success with writing grants for nonprofits is to 'read the mind' of the funder. Most grant writers just don't know how to understand the clues that they can learn to read. Using these clues can improve their odds of winning a grant against stiff competition."

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TRP recognizes VitalBoards as a top professional in community outreach programs that assist in the saving of lives.

"The single most important thing in an emergency situation is saving time by providing first responders with current medical information for the patient. Vitalboards and its signature Vital ICE mobile app saves time and assists in the saving of lives."

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TRP recognizes Melonie Sharno as a top professional in small business growth strategies.

"Marketing is a game. One that a small business owner can win by knowing the rules and using them to your advantage. Rule #1...position yourself as an authority in your industry. This elevates your business to where you no longer need to compete on price or convenience."

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TRP recognizes "Coach Cathy" Buchanan as a top professional in social media consulting.

"If you're serious about building your business & your perceived value in your industry, your goal needs to focus on positioning yourself as an authority. I can help you go from amateur to professional, attracting people to you with a desire to learn more about you & your business." ~ Coach Cathy

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