Announces Top Performers for the week of April 4, 2014. a website that accepts nominees from the top professionals, worldwide, is pleased to announce the selected top performers for the week of April 4, 2014.

TRP recognizes Hal Collums as a top professional in Millwork.

“We can't always compete on price. There will always be a crowd of companies competing to price themselves out of business by taking shortcuts and skimping on materials. Your choice: you can pick from among that crowd, or if you want the lasting value of high quality work, we can help you with that.”

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TRP recognizes Greg Petri as a top professional in Networking, Selling, & Personal Development.

“One Business Connection (1BC) is the expert in how to work by referral, how to sell, and personal development. Since 1997, 1BC has generated millions of dollars every year for its members. Our vision is to inspire and empower entrepreneurs, businesses, and sales professionals around the world.”

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TRP recognizes Paul Hemphill as a top professional in College and Financial Aid Planning.

"In a word, I market students. I use my proven marketing strategies to position high school students for college acceptance to their first-choice schools. Parents depend on me for strategies to cut college costs without resort to loans. For more help, they get access to my books and videos."

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TRP recognizes Crystal Davis as a top professional in Professional Coaching.

“Become the Crystal Clear You with a calm, confident, conviction that what you think, say, and do matters to manifest brilliance, balance and bliss in your business and in life.”

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TRP recognizes Jefferson Pezzella as a top professional in High Yield Marketing Coaching.

“When Jefferson Pezzella told me that I could use Marketing to find ‘Peace of Mind’ in my business, I thought he was full of it. After landing a $600,000.00 contract due to his advice, I had to hire more staff to keep up with the huge inflow of new work. I’m happy to say that I believe him now.”

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TRP recognizes DNA Advertising INC as a top professional in Reputation and Authority Marketing.

“Somewhere between our first breath and our last breath, most of us who are born extraordinary, die painfully and tragically ordinary. In business, it's no different. To be extraordinary, you must have the Reputation and Authority to influence and create buying decisions within your pipeline.”

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TRP recognizes Toya Styles as a top professional as a Wardrobe/Personal

“Everyone has their own sense of style, bringing it forth is the hard part for some. Having the time to devote to personal style is the obstacle for many. This is why people like me were made! Fashion is not for everyone but style is.”

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TRP recognizes Lisa Mattson as a top professional in Internet Marketing Consulting.

“A top priority for businesses that want to thrive in the mobile-device driven marketplace is a STRONG Online presence and perceived authority. The problems are confusion, overwhelm, and frustration in trying to understand how to do it. I solve that problem. I do all the work. I make the phone ring.”

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TRP recognizes Roy Prevost as a top professional in Independent Retail Customer Service.

“Roy delivers inspiring keynotes and workshops that help independent retailers create a culture of exceptional customer service “Exponential growth in a company will occur when their core values drive their culture and these values are passionately lived every day by management and employees."

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TRP recognizes Dustin Yoe as a top professional in Mobile Marketing.

“As a local Oklahoma business owner I’m proud of our proprietary marketing process
that brings more customers and revenue to business. We have done it in multiple types of industries such as Papa John’s Pizza, Aamco, service industries like roofers, and professionals like dentists to name a few.”

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