Announces Top Performers For The Week Of April 26, 2017. a website that accepts nominees from the top professionals, worldwide, is pleased to announce the selected top performers for the week of April 26, 2017.

TRP recognizes Eric Clare, Founder of Digital Concepts 2.0, as a top professional in mergers and acquisitions through agglomeration.

“We began, what has now become a movement, the education of successful small to midsize business owners in traditional blue collar trades across No. America, who quickly learn how to access the trillions of dollars in investment funds available through agglomeration, enabling significant growth.”

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TRP recognizes Business Authority Marketing as a top professional in marketing and media authority.

“If they don’t know about you, they can’t pay you! Figuring out how to be perceived as an authority in your area of expertise, is the best way to attract more clients and customers who are eager to pay you. Wouldn’t that be fun?”

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TRP recognizes Francisca Epale, Award-winning author of The Naked Educator: How to Survive in the Middle Kingdom, as a top professional in sharing information about working in China through the eyes of an expatriate.

“There is a dire need for English teachers in China. More than a 1,000 teachers travel every month to teach in the most populated country in the world. Francisca discusses in a candid, humorous way the do's and dont's of living in China through the eyes of an expatriate. It is a must-read.”

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TRP recognizes Peter Hibbard, author of The Road to Success, as a top professional in converting your taxes into more personal wealth.

“You know as a business owner, you pay far more in taxes than they need to. I solve that problem buy teaching you to Climb the Mountain of Tax Efficiency to a more secure future.”

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TRP recognizes Christopher Enders as a top professional in business to customer and non-profit membership appreciation gifts.

“I help small businesses and non-profits earn residual income by giving away a free $200 VIP travel card that substantially improves prospect conversion, customer appreciation, lead-gen and brand awareness. These cards, costing less than $0.20 cents each, provide valuable customer appreciation gifts.”

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TRP recognizes Len Ochs, Ph.D. as a top professional in recovering brain function.

“Most people think the brain is too complicated to understand, what it does, and how it works to keep them less functional than they might be. Fortunately there are some simple ways the brain works, some simple ways that lead to eye-popping results for some and pleasing results for others.”

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TRP recognizes Jeff Biro, author of Make Retirement Simple, as a top professional in retirement planning, investments for retirement, social security, medicare & estate planning.

“Retirement Planning - You only get 1 Chance to do it right. Learn how to have all your Retirement Planning Issues - Income - Investments - Social Security - Medicare & Estate Planning done for you.;;;;”

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TRP recognizes Robert Leisk as a top professional in national energy advisor for installation of solar power.

“Our aim is to panel every house in the USA and then the world 1 roof at a time and building an army of National Energy Advisors to accomplish this. Our goal is to clean the environment of dirty energy and bring about a clean healthy environment for everyone. Solar is also bring more jobs to Americans.”

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TRP recognizes Dave Mullins as a top professional in delivering new clients to small businesses and salespeople by increasing collaboration between the business community and local charitable organizations.

“Whether you are a small business or a salesperson, strengthening your relationships with community charities and nonprofits is one of the best ways to drive sales in today’s social selling climate.”

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TRP recognizes Gary M. Sigafoos, DDS as a top professional Dentist, Specialist in Periodontics.

“Local and nationally media recognized Periodontist, serving the community for over 30 years helping people achieve a healthy mouth which promotes body wellness. We are always looking for new technology for monitoring our patient’s health and wellness, as in cutting edge wearable technology.”

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