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TRP recognizes David Pinkley as a top professional in Career Strategy.

“Know how to interview the recruiter before sending your resume: 1) How long have you been a recruiter? 2) What did you do prior to recruiting? 3) What are the titles of the last two searches you completed? 4) What is the average salary of your last 5 placements? 5) What is your area of specialty?”

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TRP recognizes Wolf Holzmann as a top professional in SharePoint Consulting.

“I am here to inspire. I provide tools for change and the growth of individuals and organisations so as to significantly increase performance and capabilities for them to achieve their goals through training, mentoring and support. Sharing knowledge through technology!”

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TRP recognizes Stephanie Arnheim as a top professional in Women’s Business Networking.

“Many women in business who actively network are wasting their time and money with contacts only interested in getting business, not giving it,” says Arnheim. “I show forward-thinking women business leaders how to identify, evaluate and connect with high-value strategic partners and clients.”

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TRP recognizes Cyd Charisse Williams, MD as a top professional in Athletic Sports Medicine.

"Most of the injuries that have been considered just " part of the sport "can be

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TRP recognizes Esperanza Rey as a top professional in Transformational and Spiritual Education.

“Esperanza Rey has been doing Transformational and Spiritual coaching for over 15 years. Her pioneering techniques, presented in a clear and comprehensive manner, are what make these strategies unique, effective, and powerful. Esperanza’s unique perspective is called "multidimensional functioning.”

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TRP recognizes Genie Fuller, Author of “Winning the Referral Game” as a top professional.

“It’s not “ask for referrals” or usual networking. It’s a process to create lucrative, deserved introductions. Intrigue them with results. Illustrate distinctive competence. Initiate referrals with detailed prospect descriptions. These three I’s build relationships that produce valuable referrals.”

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TRP recognizes Damon Jones, Author of “The STEAM Education Effect: The Key to
Unlocking Your Financial Future” as a top professional.

“We make the process of learning fun and relevant in a digital age for a digital generation. We teach youth how to create using their inherent gifts combined with new tools of creation and expression. We combine the arts with STEM in creative ways to show your learner anything is possible to create”

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TRP recognizes Leiva Marketing as a top professional in Marketing Consulting.

“The prominent listing of ratings and reviews on Google & Facebook now mean that your business’ online reputation could make or break your business. While few business owners are aware of this, astute businesses having their online reputation managed and marketed correctly, will be the big winners.”

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TRP recognizes as a top professional in Online Distance Learning.

“Natural Healing College Announced that the majority of new students are taking advantage of Zero Interest Tuition Plan. Natural Healing College's Holistic, Nutritional Wellness, Aromatherapy and Herbalism programs are designed to provide flexibility to fit your time schedule, lifestyle and budget.”

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TRP recognizes Inspired Genius Ltd. as a top professional in International Brand Marketing.

“The majority of B2B companies find it extremely difficult to transition sales to the B2C model. They are required to hold large stocks with squeezed margins; while their wholesale customers benefit from having a low stockholding and huge product mark-ups. Retail remains but a dream to manufacturers.”

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