Announces Top Performers for March 2014. a website that accepts nominees from the top professionals, worldwide, is pleased to announce the selected top performers for March 2014.

TRP recognizes Jason Smith as a top professional in Relationship Marketing.

“The key to successful marketing is found in the art of building relationships. When Small Businesses today adopt “Relationship Marketing”, they position themselves for a profitable long-term marriage with their customers.”

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TRP recognizes Cheryl Salters as a top professional in Productivity & Systems Coaching.

“Small business owners must leverage every aspect of positioning, social media and marketing, as well as the most efficient productivity and systems to effectively gain credibility, authority, build our “know, like, and trust” factor to achieve freedom lifestyles and business aspirations.”

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TRP recognizes Joan Johnson-Porter as a top professional in Change Technology & Leadership Training.

“Joan Johnson-Porter, author of “How to Fly a Caterpillar, Succeeding Beyond Previous Limits.” will be launching her new website on April 7, 2014; - …asking the next, not so obvious, critical question.”

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TRP recognizes Local Bizz Spotlight as a top professional in Reputation Marketing.

“A FIVE STAR reputation is the foundation on which you build your business. A strong foundation can strengthen your influence in the business world.”

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TRP recognizes Mark Moxom as a top professional in Pet Business Marketing

“Mark Moxom, author of Pet Business Success, is giving away another book ‘Predictions for Pet Businesses 2014’ to pet business owners who want to find out where they should be concentrating their energy for maximum profit in 2014.”

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TRP recognizes Jason Meyers as a top professional in Online and Mobile Marketing for Local Business.

"Mobile is a critical component in the future of local marketing. If your business is not using mobile technology to connect with customers and make it easy for them to find and engage with you on their mobile devices, you’re falling behind your competitors who have adopted to this paradigm shift."

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TRP recognizes Richard Osterude as a top professional in Facebook and LinkedIn
Customer Acquisition.

“To succeed in business you need to precisely know who your ideal customer is. Once you’ve figured this out, you will discover there is an abundant supply of them to engage with on LinkedIn, Facebook and yes… even through traditional media”

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TRP recognizes Tashia Hinchliffe as a top professional in Global Real Estate Consulting.

"Tashia Hinchliffe is an expert Global Real Estate Consultant. She studied & lived in Europe. Tashia helps clients worldwide with residential, investment & vacation real estate. With her many years of experience in international marketing & negotiation skills has made her an expert in her field."

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TRP recognizes Jason Oman as a top professional in Success and Motivation Coaching.

"Nothing creates success like following in the footsteps of self-made millionaires. After enduring a major health crisis with an only 12% chance of survival, I'm recovered and more dedicated than ever to achieving success, and helping others achieve it as well."

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TRP recognizes Dean Renfro, Author of Shut Up, Stop Whining & Grow Your Business as a top professional in Business Success Designer & Marketing Guide

"The single most important thing a small business needs is results, not marketing, not advertising, and not coaching! Business owner's need to quit chasing gimmick marketing, non-producing advertising and start implementing time tested proven strategies that produce results. Results equal profits."

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