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TRP recognizes Nazlin Vohra as a top professional in Mobile Web Design & Business App Development.

“Small businesses cannot succeed in today’s economy unless they adopt a mobile optimized presence. Customers the world over are now mobile and at Adashi Media we recognize that for businesses to reach their customers effectively mobile is a necessary strategy for increasing sales and customer loyalty.”

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TRP recognizes Paul Conant, Author of 7 Mistakes Most Local Businesses Are Making in Their Advertising, as a top professional in Marketing & Consulting.

“There are millions of businesses around the globe. Each one does something different. The problem is potential clients have no idea what it is that your business does differently from your competitors. You don't need to copy your competitors to be successful. The solution is to Differentiate!”

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TRP recognizes Haskell Abii as a top professional in Social Media Marketing.

“Haskell Abii is a talented marketing consultant specializing in helping small business owners with social media positioning for the maximum acquisition of customers/clients. Abii is also a published Amazon Author of the two books "Crushing Your Competition" and "Google AdWords Explained.”

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TRP recognizes Jerome Beaudet as a top professional in Business Development Specialist.

“I founded Maximize Vital Profits to help businesses increase not only their sales but their profits. We do that by implementing tailor made strategies for each of our clients while leveraging proven marketing systems to get them dramatic growth in their profits. We want to be the MVP of your company.”

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TRP recognizes David Abrams as a top professional in Authority and Reputation Marketing.

“Maximizing your reputation and authority are the foundations for your business success. If you have a good reputation and authority, you need to always be promoting it... everywhere! If not, you need to build it as fast as possible.”

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TRP recognizes Dr. Francois Chaput as a top professional in Concussion Treatment Specialist.

“Dr. Chaput knows the therapy offered at ATHLETE F1RST with his partner Philippe Douville is unique: «I can show 90%+ of people who think they have been treated for their concussion that there is a major missing link in the therapy they received, and that their brain is still at risk because of it”

For more information or to contact Dr. Chaput at!home/c8j9

TRP recognizes Katy Fletcher as a top professional in Mobile App Solutions..
“So your audience has downloaded your app to the most prized real estate today … the home screen of their mobile device. This is permission marketing at its best. Don’t blow it - they’ll keep your app (your brand, hint) on board if it is relevant, provides great utility and offers lasting value.”

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TRP recognizes Lead Gen Professionals as a top professional in Reputation Marketing / Building Online Referral Systems.

“The online marketing game has changed, with more and more emphasis being put on a business' reputation. The good news is that if you have a proactive system in place to build and market a 5-Star reputation, you can effectively build a word-of-mouth referral business online.”

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TRP recognizes Suzie Price, Author of two books: How to Hire Superior Performers: 70 Best Practices, Strategies and Daily Tips for Interviewers and 120 Stress Management Strategies for Professionals as a top professional.

“Putting the wrong people in the job creates hard work and wasted time. When a person is in the right job, there’s less pushing and motivating, less turnover and higher productivity. There’s a groundswell of power and leverage with the right hiring choice and a costly impact if you don’t.”

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