Announces Top Performers for January 2014 (2) a website that accepts nominees from the top professionals, worldwide, is pleased to announce the selected top performers for January 2014.

TRP recognizes Brad Michaels as a top professional in Project Management.

“Brad is a champion for us on Business Development, and brought in our first corporate client. He has leveraged his high-level contacts to make key introductions for us. Because of his experience with startups and with innovative philanthropy, Brad has provided important input to our business.”- Jason Rosado, founder, GivKwik

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TRP recognizes Marti Remmell as a top professional in Marketing Communications.

"Voice of the Customer" advocate with the ability to execute a vision and manage complexity to achieve business results. Leadership by example through decisive action and clear communication. Marti's highly skilled in assessing and measuring people’s strengths to enable their best performance” -Joseph Bronson, Principal/CEO TheBronsonGroup

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TRP recognizes Richard Bonilla as a top professional in Chief Financial Officer / Controller.

“Richard is a CFO / Controller / CMA & CPA candidate - Richard help clients discover (and control) hidden costs and revenues. Richard also provides Tax and Accounting services, for local Northern Colorado businesses.”-Charysa L.

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TRP recognizes A.Z. Araujo as a top professional in Real Estate.

"Choosing the right agent is imperative when buying or selling your home. The ability of your agent to respond and adapt to the market can directly impact your bottom line". A.Z. Araujo has been featured on the cover of REALTOR Magazine and has sold over a quarter billion dollars in real estate.

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TRP recognizes Vincent Vicites as a top professional in Energy - Oil and Gas.

" I have known Vincent Vicites for many years. I know he has worked hard through out his career. Vincent Vicites is dedicated, educated, and experienced. He has leadership and managerial skills, excellent people skills, strong analytical skills. I would recommend him for any job that he qualifies"- Robert Danko

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TRP recognizes Miheer Shah as a top professional in IT Program Management.

“Miheer demonstrates a strong ability to achieve successful results through his steadfast dedication to program management methodology and procedures. His wealth of experience is clearly demonstrated through his effective practical application of these standards and is consistently proven by the same” - Harry Lange, Training Manager at Xerox.

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TRP recognizes Ben Cranmore as a top professional in Retail.

“I engaged Ben at three different companies as a Business IT Consultant. He is extremely knowledgeable, ... He is a man of utmost integrity and possesses an impeccable work ethic. The fact that I contracted with him in three different companies over a period of 6 years, speaks for itself”- Murl Altoft CFO

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TRP recognizes John Chioles as a top professional in Geographic Information Systems.

"I highly recommend John Chioles; he continually worked to bring unity within the committee. John spoke at several PODS Conferences. His presentations were well received, effective and timely. He was an excellent speaker. (His) dedication, insight, and intelligence make him an asset to any company.”- Sheila McGinty Wilson, PhD, GISP

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TRP recognizes Shimanti Guha as a top professional in Internet Media.

“What I appreciate about Shimanti is that she uses her finance skills not just to tell the story of the past, she uses her business acumen to look ahead, see the potential, and achieve business goals. As a leader, I appreciate how she nurtures and grows her staff to do the same.”- Paul Vanvoorhis

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