Announces Top Performers for February 2014. Part 1 a website that accepts nominees from the top professionals, worldwide, is pleased to announce the selected top performers for February 2014.

TRP recognizes Gail Fernley as a top professional in Online and Local Business Consulting.

"Gail displays a wide range of skills that allows him to "pay it forward" for his both his online and local business clients. From WordPress training/resources for the DIY entrepreneur to creating/managing social media marketing and ad campaigns, Gail and his team brings more business to business."

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TRP recognizes Paul Walton as a top professional in Marketing, Copywriting, and Video Marketing.

“Whatever your business or product, there is now so much noise and competition online that it is getting harder and harder to rise above it. I believe that only when you create a perfect storm of great copywriting, authority, media exposure and cutting edge marketing strategies can the magic happen.”

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TRP recognizes Evelyn Low as a top professional in Professional Business Consulting.

“The ideal business strategy: Effortlessly offer value add to your customers on products and services that they are already buying from other sources while you get paid commissions on these purchases. You also get to build your customer loyalty and retention and make new customer acquisition easier.”

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TRP recognizes Darren Monroe as a top professional in Business Growth Consulting.

“Darren gets excellent results for his clients He is a genuinely good man who has great integrity and he actually gives a damn. In fact if anyone in my family needed a referral for marketing or brand building. I would be very confident to refer Darren, he has my highest endorsement!”- Frank Kern

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TRP recognizes Mike Coleman as a top professional in Digital Marketing.

“The Internet has replaced traditional media as the method potential clients use when searching for professionals such as attorneys, medical practitioners, home improvement, and more. Digital marketing, design, and reputation make all the difference in attracting new patients, clients, and customers.”

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TRP recognizes Aleta Batz as a top professional in Reputation Marketing/Management.

“Reputation Marketing is what's missing in the marketplace. All businesses want MORE customers. I work with businesses to build a five-star reputation and then MARKET that reputation to make their phone ring, increase revenue and establish them as a leader and an authority in their marketplace.”

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TRP recognizes Christian Haack as a top professional in Career Coaching for Working Mothers and Female Executives.

“The next economic revolution is more women in critical positions of leadership. With the right self marketing they can establish themselves as high valuable business persons, not only to be accepted but promoted by executives and company leaders. It´s all about magnetic positioning and awareness.”

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TRP recognizes Kathleen McLean as a top professional in Internet Marketing.

“If a business owner, isn't systematically, methodically and DELIBERATELY getting established as a celebrity and authority to their clientele and target market, they are ignoring today's economic reality and neglecting the development of valuable business assets of trust, credibility and authority.”

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TRP recognizes Melanie Fine as a top professional in Education.

“Melanie Fine builds the STEM leaders of tomorrow by educating and engaging the STEM students of today. She connects STEM students with STEM leaders to engender scientific achievement and literacy. Chem in 10 ( is the premier source for world-class online chemistry education.” –Charysa L.

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TRP recognizes Jay Donaldson as a top professional in Internet Marketing.

“A successful business online builds new relationships one click at a time”

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