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TRP recognizes Patrick Mejia as a top professional in Public Relations.

“Today’s Social Media has made it easier for the business professional to connect & engage with potential & current clients. He can view the client’s approval or quickly defuse a potential complaint. Positioning yourself as a Media Authority can increase your perceived value in your profession.”

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TRP recognizes Rebecca Holman as a top professional in Marketing/SEO.

“Since working with Rebecca our monthly sales volume is up by over 25%, and that is ALL because of her and her team!!! Can’t say enough great things...our experience has more than exceeded our expectations!!! "- Dr. Kevin Krieg

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TRP recognizes Andrew Shields as a top professional in Digital Marketing.

“The rise of digital commerce and mobile does not change the fundamentals of businesses, only the speed. concentrates on profits and ROI, without increasing business costs. We use scientifically proven marketing to consistently attract, convert and retain profitable customers.”

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TRP recognizes Anthony Omokhodion as a top professional in Immigration Law.

“I am an Immigration Law Adviser registered with the OISC, an Accountant, Microsoft Certified and Training Provider. I deliver first class, UK accredited vocational and academic courses with internationally recognized certification - globally.”

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TRP recognizes Mike Broadwell as a top professional in Joint Venture Marketing.

“Joint Venture events are social media marketing in three dimensions. Community, creativity, and cooperative engagement is the new paradigm. It's more efficient, effective, and soon will be the only viable option for building an expertise based business. Not to mention a rich and rewarding journey.”

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TRP recognizes Rodney Marine as a top professional in Marketing.

“Rodney Marine a Reputation Marketing Specialist believes that in today's digital age, Reputation Marketing trumps all types of marketing and must be done first before any other type of marketing .He has developed the perfect Reputation Marketing Strategy to position your company as the market leader.”- Dennis Kleinman

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TRP recognizes Justin West as a top professional in Brand Developing and Marketing.

“It's crucial to get a 5-star reputation, but merely getting a 5 star reputation isn't enough. You have to be able to be found by those that are looking for you. The solution to this challenge in marketing your reputation is Justin West and his company, Hundreds of Customers.”- Stanley Lang, MD.

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TRP recognizes Tolu Adeleye as a top professional in Professional Coaching and Training.

“Just like a truck stuck in a muddy path, life transitions and career losses can leave us energy-sapped” says Tolu Adeleye, PhD, author of Sanity & Strength. Getting unstuck & moving on requires finding a new identity & embracing a new passion for life.”

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TRP recognizes Ted Langley as a top professional in Business Owners and Entrepreneurs.

“Having media credentials is, no doubt, the most important thing that businesses and entrepreneurs can do to gain exposure and make sure they stand out from the crowd.”

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TRP recognizes Melissa Galt as a top professional in Small Business Marketing.

“Marketing is the life blood of every small business and garnering best fit media attention can catapult your visibility and credibility leading to business growth. Your best marketing is personality based and allows you to leverage your unique history, experience and expertise.”

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