Announcement of Top Performers in February 2014.

Tampa, FL– a website that accepts nominees from the top professionals, worldwide, is pleased to announce the selected top performers for February 2014.

TRP recognizes Ivan Gonzalez as a top professional in Healthcare and Wellness.

“The new healthcare economy will demand an integrated approach by all stakeholders for it to be successful.”

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TRP recognizes Joseph Ash as a top professional in Martial Arts / Personal Development.

“Very rare does someone come into your life and change you for the better, then show up later in life when in need. Master Joseph Ash has stepped up and contributed his leadership skills well beyond personal gains. Our community is grateful for his approach and continued services."- Lang Craighill, Police Investigator for the City of Williamsburg

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TRP recognizes Brian Richards as a top professional in Pet Business Marketing.

“Brian Richards of PetBiz Profits has issued a challenge to Pet Business Owners and Marketers, to “Get 100 New Customers in 100 Days”. This is a free webinar that covers irresistible offers, lead generation websites and traffic generation.”

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TRP recognizes Chadd Matthewson as a top professional in Real Estate Investing and Education.

“Real Estate Investing is one of the best vehicles for financial superiority. It is just as deep as it is wide. When you have the education, knowledge and can become a transactional engineer, you can succeed and make money in any economy. I guide individuals on the best education model in the world.”

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TRP recognizes Jaime Ojeda as a top professional in Reputation Management and Marketing Expert.

“Having a 5-star reputation can mean the difference between success or failure in today's market. Consumers are more savvy than in any other time in history and they'll often check reviews on a business before going to it. If reviews are bad, that business will lose thousands. Good Reviews = Profits.”

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TRP recognizes Leonard Greenhall as a top professional in Media Marketing.

“Leonard was 30 years a chaplain to army and industry. This gave him insight into the way people think and choose. He is currently creating ‘Authority Logos’ for LinkedIn business, authors & speakers. This allows “as seen on ...” with Profiles creating a high trust level.”

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TRP recognizes Janita Van der Walt as a top professional in Health, Wellness and Fitness.

“The transformation of stress into ease, flow, and joy can be accomplished only by changing our relationship to stress on a daily basis and by reconnecting with the natural world in meaningful ways.”

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TRP recognizes Nigel White as a top professional in Digital Entrepreneurship.

“By positioning yourself as an authority in your sector of expertise, and by claiming your expert status, you greatly increase your perceived value within your market place, and to your current and potential customers.”

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TRP recognizes Ron Bartling as a top professional in Marketing and Advertising.

“Not implementing an automated lead nurturing system is one of the biggest mistakes I see small business owners make. What doesn't get automated doesn't get done. If you want better qualified leads and higher sales, then automated lead nurturing is worth the investment of time and money.”

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TRP recognizes Mimi Almeida as a top professional in Meetings and Incentive Travel.

“The single most important thing you can do for yourself and your business is to position yourself as an authority, increasing your perceived value in the marketplace.”

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