TopGraphs offers stock investors extensive easy-to-read data at low cost

TopGraphs offers stock investors extensive easy-to-read data at low cost

The staggering rollercoaster ride of technology stocks this year has illustrated the importance of research and timing when it comes to investing.
Finding the right stock, at the right time, relies on studying masses of data and listening to the opinions of expert analysts, which is why TopGraphs has entered the market to help with the financial homework.

The software, created by Monaco-based Marcus Kitzmann, evaluates more than 150,000 listed companies from 91 markets.
It then converts the data into easy-to-read infographics which allow you to judge quickly if a company could be a good investment or not.

The web-based service is paid-for, but starting at only $29 per month, it clearly gives plenty of opportunity to get far more than your money back.
Mr Kitzmann is confident that the lower pricing point of TopGraphs, extensive features and easily accessible analysis, will help to make it a well-used investors’ tool, especially to those less experienced in the markets.

TopGraphs draws on 20 years of fundamental data and institutional forecasts to give stock analysis in seconds.
The charts you are presented with on your investing dashboard also contain key company information to assist with your decision.

Mr Kitzmann believes the combination of risk analysis and analysis of undervalued stocks will result in a much higher return on investment.
Analysis can be done on any stock, in any sector, anywhere in the world.
In the turbulent tech field, TopGraphs showed how Apple was a poorer investment after the recent stock split, and has highlighted other overvaluations like Microsoft.

Tobacco giant Altria can be used as a clear example of how Topgraphs can help investors.
A glance at the charts shows that the share price was undervalued in early 2011, since when the price returned to its fair value, and an investor could make 60% profit in just 18 months.

However, if you had invested at the end of 2015, you would have earned only 20% in 37 months because of the overvaluation.
Recently the stock has been showing on TopGraphs as being undervalued again, with the possibility of 80% profit, up to its fair value.

The green light is literally given to safer options - risk analysis highlights the key figures of the last five to 10 years, and if they are all coloured green (as with Altria), you can quite safely assume that it will continue that way for the next year or two.

TopGraphs also gives users a stock screener - a display of stocks listed according to the filter you choose, such as from a certain country, stocks that pay a dividend of 5% or more, those that are at least 20% undervalued, and many other specific settings you can apply.

TopGraphs was founded by Marcus Kitzmann - after many years of development.
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