Top Satellite Review Site Features Dish Network Vs. Cable TV Comparison Chart offers honest, unbiased reviews of Dish Network, DirecTV, and dishNet satellite Internet in a simple, non-technical format. The site features side-by-side comparison charts and video reviews to help consumers choose the best satellite TV or Internet provider for their needs.

In an effort to demystify the muddled information available on the various services offered by satellite television and internet providers, top satellite review site, arms consumers with unbiased comparisons with reviews and statistics. The site, run by industry expert, Brian Stevens, takes a no-nonsense look at provider’s capabilities and offers an in-depth analyzation of each.

Best Satellite Reviews was created in an effort to clear up the conflicting and confusing information available about satellite television and internet on the market today. Users can access the site and find honest, unbiased information about providers and the services available. Best Satellite Reviews aims to be a top resource for consumers in its industry.

The site’s main objective is to share up-to-date reviews of the top two providers, DISH and DIRECTV, plus reviews of DISH’s satellite internet service, dishNET. The technology these major companies provide changes rapidly as can the deals they offer to stay in competition with the other. The informed consumer can take advantage of the competitive pricing and secure a contract for the best value and service for their individual needs.

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"Satellite TV technology is changing all the time, so we're always updating the information on our site to keep up with those changes," says Stevens. "In addition to providing information about satellite TV and Internet services, we also show consumers which companies have the best prices and the best services." sets itself apart from its own competition by illustrating the differences between the different satellite providers, as well as cable-television in the comprehensive charts with side-by-side comparisons. The site also defines the industry jargon and other terms as well as explains how satellite television works to eliminate confusion for users who may not be savvy with the technology. Additionally, there are video blog pages for even more information about satellite TV and satellite Internet providers.

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“We've made our site as simple and non-technical as possible, while providing all the information consumers need to make an informed decision about which satellite TV provider or satellite Internet provider is the best choice for them," states Stevens. "We recommend consumers read our reviews, view the comparison charts, and then click on the links provided to get the information they need to make the best buying decision."

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