Top Recommended Professional Announces Top Performers for March 2014. a website that accepts nominees from the top professionals, worldwide, is pleased to announce the selected top performers for March 2014.

TRP recognizes Shannon Leonard as a top professional in Media Authority.

“Positioning yourself as an authority is a critical step in taking your reputation and business success to the next level. As an authority, you set yourself apart in the market place and your niche market, which results in increased value and profits.”

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TRP recognizes Sea Bova Associates, Inc. as a top professional in Real Estate Resort Sales Brokerage.

“Resort Real Estate is modest with interest rates lower for 1st half of the year. It's a good time for Buyers to invest. The Sea Bova Associates, considered to be the #1 beach real estate resource rated by our clients. If you’re ready to make a wise investment, contact The Sea Bova Associates first.”

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TRP recognizes Domenic DiSario, author of “Technology as a 2nd Language” as a top professional.

“Technology is such a broad word. Not the most accurate word either. What we're really talking about here is communication. How am I going to get my message to the person I want to get it to? I have to use the right medium. I have to be in context. Communications 101. Otherwise my message is missed.”

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TRP recognizes Authentic Skin Care as a top professional in Skin Care.

“Skin care is more than lotion or serums. It is the experience the user feels when they use the product. It’s the results they get; it’s how they treat their body from the inside out. We at Authentic Skin Care believe you should take care of your body like this to feel and look young.”

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TRP recognizes Dr. Bill Williams, author of “Marketing the Million Dollar Practice” as a top professional in Dentistry.

“Positioning yourself as the authority is the #1 most significant thing you can do to attract new patients and grow your practice. Guerrilla marketing creates the difference between normal and outrageous growth."

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TRP recognizes Juliet Johnson as a top professional in Social Media Marketing.

“Cast your [online] net wide, but keep only your favorite fish. Throw back the rest. For when your perfect customer finds you, it’s no longer work for either one of you. Social Media Marketing helps you attract those exact people. It is huge fun!”

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TRP recognizes Titan™ Paracord as a top professional in Military Paracord Manufacturing.

“Titan™ Paracord is a trusted global supplier of military-grade 550 paracord, as well as commercial paracord and paracord-related products. Titan’s broad portfolio of market-leading products helps our customers feel safe and secure when engaging in outdoor activities.”

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TRP recognizes James J Greene, Sr. as a top professional in Entertainment Media & Business Enterprise.

“With Jeruelle Productions, Jimmy Greene has taken the audio, visual and web community where music and money matters. As an expert producer of music, video and web development, we have become a leader in social networking in business marketing.”

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TRP recognizes Pure Health Origins as a top professional in Health Supplements.

“The lack of nutrients in the soil from over-farming is straining our ability to stay healthy. Studies show supplements can play a critical role in health today. Stories of contaminated supplements appear frequently and trust is important when choosing a supplement and a supplement company.”

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TRP recognizes William Bistak as a top professional in Media Citation Coaching.

“Highlighting your specialized profile as an authority communicates distinction. By skillfully illustrating your value to your niche market, you establish well-deserved credibility, enriching new and existing business relationships.”

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