Top Recommended Professional Announces Top Performers for January 2014 (2) a website that accepts nominees from the top professionals, worldwide, is pleased to announce the selected top performers for January 2014.

TRP recognizes Darren Monroe as a top professional in Business Growth Consultanting.

“Darren gets excellent results for his clients He is a genuinely good man who has great integrity and he actually gives a damn.In fact if anyone in my family needed a referral for marketing or brand building. I would be very confident to refer Darren, he has my highest endorsement!” – Frank Kern

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TRP recognizes Bruce Carse as a top professional in Presentations and Public Speaking.

“Visual marketing is the #1 imperative for businesses today. Research shows visuals - including photos, videos and infographics - get more engagement online and off. Businesses that master visual marketing and storytelling, across multiple channels and platforms, will be tomorrow’s market leaders.”

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TRP recognizes Tad Stephens as a top professional in Internet Marketing.

"As of 2014 reputation and authority are the currency of the internet. To be successful an individual or business will need a good reputation and authority in their field or they will be invisible in their field."

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TRP recognizes Mark Crawford as a top professional in Video and Marketing.

“Capturing the attention of your audience is becoming increasingly difficult with the burgeoning population of social media users. Using video and authority symbols to increase engagement in a smart way is the growing trend. Stop your visitors in thier tracks today with these methods”

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TRP recognizes Norene Broyton as a top professional as a Media Authority Specialist for Authors, Speakers and Consultants.

“Media authority is the best way for authors, speakers and consultants to stand out and differentiate themselves. It is a critical component for all small businesses, but successful authors, speakers and consultants, in particular, will make it a top priority.”

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TRP recognizes Ana Rosenberg as a top professional in Business Success Coaching.

"Positioning yourself as the Authority in your field is the way to make your competition disappear. There isn't any competion for an Authority."

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TRP recognizes Tom Chesser as a top professional in Advertising/Media Consultanting.

"'It is said that all good things must come to an end' but what didn't say is that the next great thing started 2 weeks ago. In the advanced age that we live everything changes especially in the 'Digital World'. We have become 'Email Junkies', 'Text Message Fanatics', welcome to my World."

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TRP recognizes Michael Pouliot as a top professional in IT Service Desk Solutions.

"The key to operating a successful outsourced IT Service Desk is to understand your customer's business needs and to implement a cost-effective solution that solves the customer's IT support issues. Outsourcing can accomplish significant savings for your company so you can focus on your business."

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TRP recognizes Simon U. Ford as a top professional in Social Marketing.

"Simon U. Ford has authored multiple social marketing related books, including “Social Traffic –– Marketing in the New Mediascape”; quoted by some readers at the time of its launch 6 years ago, as the best book on social marketing ever written"

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