Top Recommended Professional Announces Top Performers for February 2014.

Tampa, FL– a website that accepts nominees from the top professionals, worldwide, is pleased to announce the selected top performers for February 2014.

TRP recognizes Mary DeCoen as a top professional in Sales Management and Leadership.

“Mary has been doing sales and leadership mentoring for the past 25years. Her ability to present information is what makes her sales strategies highly effective. Mary has a unique perspective on leadership that helps others seek a better life, and is committed personally to a life of excellence.”

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TRP recognize Dan Predpall as a top professional in Consulting Engineering.

“Most consultants are strong in expertise and weak in marketing. Dan teaches aspiring and established consultants imaginative marketing methods that enable them to use marketing as a unique competitive weapon and influence prospects to be predisposed to engage them.”

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TRP recognizes Rob Oskins as a top professional in Financing Business Growth.

“The cash flow gap – between the time your expenses and payroll have to be paid, and the time your invoices are collected - is probably the source of the most common and hardest pain any business can endure. This is the problem that Rob Oskins at Capital Solution Bancorp solves.”- David Haynes

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TRP recognizes Chris (Seabuddy) Brown as a top professional in Marine Industry - Powerboats and Sail Boating; Trends, Issues and Economics.

“Boating has been my business, passion & lifestyle for 30+ years” says Chris (seabuddy) Brown. “I study diverse powerboat & sailboat models, styles and eras—from today’s Cobalt and Sea Ray to classic Chris Craft and Glasspar boats—sharing insights about the industry’s trends, issues and economics.”

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TRP recognizes Laura Jacksina as a top professional in Marketing Consulting.

“Properly positioning yourself as an authority in the marketplace is the single most important thing you can do to increase perceived value. When you're viewed as an authority, you become an "authority magnet" and attract more business, the media, influential people, and limitless opportunities.”

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TRP recognizes Marketa Houskova as a top professional in SPAN Strategic Political Action Network.

“Marketa's unique mix of political passion, natural ability to lead and highly sought-after inter-professional expertise in healthcare, politics & administration obtained by global studies / practical applications, delivers top results in both campaign management or health program administration.” – Timothy Core

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TRP recognizes David Anderson as a top professional in Pharmaceutical formulation.

“Dr. David Anderson, formerly Principal Scientist at Lyotropic Therapeutics, Inc. where he invented and developed a number of lifesaving drug formulations soon to appear in hospitals, continues to contribute to innovative pharmaceutical and drug-delivery products through consulting and research.”

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TRP recognizes Michelle Martin-Coughlin as a top professional in Personal and Business Development.

“As a marketer, massage therapist and hypnotist, Michelle provides her clients with an almost unfair advantage over their personal and professional difficulties. For over a decade she has been forecasting their challenges and opportunities and providing the tools to position themselves for success.”

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TRP recognizes Brian Richards as a top professional in Pet Business Marketing.

“Brian Richards of PetBiz Profits has issued a challenge to Pet Business Owners and Marketers, to “Get 100 New Customers in 100 Days”. This is a free webinar that covers irresistible offers, lead generation websites and traffic generation.”

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TRP recognizes Ann Schilling as a top professional in Media Authority.
"Media Authority is one of the most important things businesses can do."

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