Top Recommended Professional Announces Top Performers for February 2014. (2) a website that accepts nominees from the top professionals, worldwide, is pleased to announce the selected top performers for February 2014.

TRP recognizes Robin Darch as a top professional in Business and Systems Development.

"In this ultra-competitive world for any business to be highly profitable it has to
gain a decisive competitive advantage - one that your competitors can't or won't dare follow. When you have this, and use it, you become unstoppable."

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TRP recognizes Craig Ure as a top professional in Medical Practices.

“If you are searching for brutally honest marketing advice and real world ethical marketing strategies to predictably generate more new patients who will refer more and buy more often than Craig Ure and his team at should be your last stop. Craig is an author, coach and Intl speaker.”

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TRP recognizes Mary Sloane as a top professional in Re-Targeting with Real Time Bidding.

“If you're marketing on the internet & you don't have money to burn you must ReTarget your traffic; 98% of first time visitors leave a site without taking any action. Retargeting builds trust & familiarity through repetition. It takes 8-10 "touches" seeing the same message from the same company.”

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TRP recognizes Chesley Christian as a top professional in Business Music.

“The Prima Donna Complex is an attitude. A mentality exhibited by talented artists around the world who are also LAZY. It’s the real reason the music industry is suffering today; not the internet, and certainly not the media.”

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TRP recognizes Mike Coleman as a top professional in Digital Marketing.

“The Internet has replaced traditional media as the method potential clients use when searching for professionals such as attorneys, medical practitioners, home improvement, and more. Digital marketing, design, and reputation make all the difference in attracting new patients, clients, and customers.”

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TRP recognizes Andy Whitehead as a top professional in Recruitment Staffing.

“If you are a recruiter, need to differentiate your recruitment brand, grow your lead generation systems or rise above the noise in your market, you need to get Andy Whitehead in your recruitment business before your competitor does.”

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TRP recognizes Alex Becker as a top professional in Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

“Alex Becker is the founder of Source Wave, one of the largest and fastest growing SEO brands in the world. With his tactics he has helped thousands of businesses get more customers and more leads from search engine traffic.”

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TRP recognizes Marc Share as a top professional in Technology Consultant.

“I had the opportunity to work with Marc and found him to be well-organized, an excellent communicator, and a creative, highly-intelligent project manager. His business acumen and initiative are admirable and it was a pleasure to work with him”

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TRP recognizes Aaron Nelson as a top professional in SEO, Social Media and Online Marketing.

“Aaron delivers on his promises! His knowledge of SEO and online marketing are second to only his results. Would recommend to both local and national businesses in need of growing their business, and working with a true expert.”- Rob P.

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TRP recognizes Kevin Augustine as a top professional in Health Solutions.

“Dr. Augustine is on the cutting edge of natural health care and helps to manage the symptoms of chronic health conditions. He gets to the cause of the problem, rather than just treating the symptoms. He accepts a limited number of new patients each month to his private, members’ only practice.”

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