Top-Rated Mass Tort Attorney Joseph Fantini Reveals Why Hernia Mesh Compensation Victims Don't Help Their Case - Philadelphia, PA

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Leading Mass Tort Attorney Joseph Fantini outlines the reasons why Hernia Mesh compensation victims don't always move forward with their case. For more information please visit

Victims of failed hernia mesh products are being urged to overcome their fears and the "negative stigma" of pursuing legal compensation claims.

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Joseph Fantini, of Philadelphia's Rosen Injury Lawyers and founder of the Hernia Mesh Compensation Program, said he was still witnessing some resistance from claimants who didn't want to pursue legal claims.

On an episode of 5 Minute Legal Insights podcast, he said: "There are several reasons why a victim of failed hernia mesh products may not want to sue. For example, many think the failure or the fault of the hernia mesh product is theirs, and theirs alone. It couldn't be further from the truth. The opposite is often true; the product failed them.”

It seems manufacturers have put these defective products out on the market and failed to warn about the potential risks. Clients have gone in for simple surgery and have ended up having lives turned upside down, required multiple surgeries, and are much worse off than when they first went in.

When asked to comment about this Fantini said, "Ultimately, we tell clients, it was not their fault, they did nothing wrong. The product was there to help, but it did more harm than good, and we are here to help them. And they are not alone."

He added: "People don't know how many active hernia mesh cases are out there. Currently, there are over 30,000 cases outstanding, and we estimate tens of thousands more, maybe up to 100,000 individual cases to come.”

After all of this is said and done though, many feel overwhelmed at the thought of going up against some of the world's leading and most powerful manufacturers for a claim. That's why we set up the Hernia Mesh Compensation Program to pursue the claim for them.

There is still a negative stigmatism associated with litigation even though you’re standing up for your rights.

Fantini made a necessary clarification that the legal claims were not targeting the doctors that conducted the surgery or treatment on their patients.

"We are only suing manufacturers of these failed products. We have often found doctors have been lied to about the product. Some clients presume they are going to sue their doctors, but we are not. We don't interfere or go against the doctors. We are pursuing claims against the manufacturer”, he said.

Fantini explained the Hernia Mesh Compensation Program was established to educate the public these products are dangerous and they can work with leading attorneys and experts to get the best resolution possible via a lawsuit.

The Program allows the client to focus on their recovery and health while his team shouldered the stress of pursuing a lawsuit and move cases forward in an efficient manner.

He explained: "We carry all the burden and responsibility of the lawsuit. We have our processes that enable us to be efficient and move forward claims as quickly as possible.
"If you’re a potential victim of a failed hernia mesh, then reach out to us. We are happy to speak to you, no obligation and no fees involved, to see if we can assist."


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Name: Joseph Fantini
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Address: 101 Greenwood Ave, Jenkintown, PA 19046