Top Rated Family Law Attorney Daryl Weinman Explains Key Alimony Facts Surrounding Divorces In Texas - Austin, TX

Top family attorney Daryl Weinman, founding partner at Weinman & Associates, P.C. in Austin, TX, outlined crucial alimony facts when getting divorced in Texas. For more information please visit

In a recent interview, leading family attorney Daryl Weinman, founding partner at Weinman & Associates, P.C. in Austin, TX, revealed crucial alimony facts in Texas divorces.

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When asked to comment, Weinman said, “Not every divorce case involves alimony. This is particularly true in the state of Texas, which has strict spousal support requirements compared to some other states. Here’s the need-to-know info on how alimony works in Texas.”

According to Weinman, several requirements must be met for someone to qualify for alimony in Texas.

When asked to elaborate, she said, “In order to qualify for alimony in Texas, unless there has been a conviction for domestic violence or there is some significant disability, the parties must have been married for at least 10 years before anyone can request support. Furthermore, the party requesting alimony has to be unable to work for some reason or support themselves at a level that meets their minimum reasonable needs.”

Minimum reasonable needs include paying the necessities such as rent, groceries, car, and insurance payments, as well as utility and medical bills.

“It’s worth mentioning that if the spouse seeking maintenance payments is able to secure a job that keeps them above the poverty level, then no alimony will be granted in the divorce. In other words, alimony in Texas is reserved for stay-at-home parents who would have to enter the workforce with little to no skills,” Weinman added.

Weinman was quick to add that alimony won’t be awarded in marriages in which assets have been accumulated, particularly if the spouse seeking maintenance can be awarded and can live off those assets.

“As I mentioned before, alimony will not be given in divorces that include assets. If the couple has any type of savings or
investments, or if they own a house with significant equity, the house can be ordered to be sold, and that money can be awarded to the spouse in need of support, in lieu of alimony,” she stated.

Weinman further pointed out that alimony is out of the question in Texas (except by agreement of the parties, or if one party is disabled) when it comes to high net worth divorces.

When asked to explain further, she said, “Because high net divorces are defined as cases with $1 million in assets or more, alimony will not be awarded by a court to someone in this kind of divorce, absent extenuating circumstances.”

"If you're thinking about proceeding with a divorce but are unsure whether or not you qualify for alimony in Texas, then make sure to reach out to a qualified divorce attorney who can navigate you through the process," she said.


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