Top-Rated Criminal Defense Attorney Edward La Rue Shares Best Defense Strategy For Federal Drug Prosecution Charges - Cleveland, OH

Leading criminal defense attorney Edward La Rue, founder of the Law Offices of Edward R La Rue in Cleveland OH, points to the best defense strategies in a federal drug prosecution case. For more information please visit

In a recent interview, leading criminal defense attorney Edward La Rue, founder of the Law Offices of Edward R La Rue in Cleveland OH, pointed to the best defense strategies against federal drug charges.

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When asked for a comment, he said, “Federal drug charges carry with them serious implications including prison time, hefty fines, and other associated punishments. Furthermore, being charged with a federal crime can have further negative impacts on your life down the line including with your potential for employment or where and how you live. This is why it’s vital to retain an experienced and qualified attorney to develop an effective defense strategy on your behalf.”

Defense strategies and insight might include investigating whether there was an unlawful search and/or seizure, a problematic crime lab analysis, missing or tampered with evidence, among many more.

“It’s important for defense attorneys to be able to probe through all the evidence in case there has been a misstep in the way the evidence was collected and handled — or even if evidence in a federal case has been fabricated, which is not unheard of,” he commented.

Another thing that seasoned attorneys keep an eye out for, according to La Rue, is flawed testimony that can be given by FBI agents at trial.

“It’s vital that good criminal defense attorneys know the case inside and out to be able to spot potential gaps in the testimony in a federal case, as this can further support flawed evidence against the defendant,” he said.

La Rue further mentioned that one way fabricated evidence makes its way into the courtroom is through paid informants or “snitches” as they are known on the street.

When asked to elaborate, “It’s a well-known fact that federal agents pay their informants, who - by virtue of being paid - are often unreliable and may manufacture evidence. This has unfortunately led to many people throughout the years being wrongly convicted of drug charges in federal cases. The goal here is to call into question the veracity of the informant’s story.”

One other defense tactic in federal drug cases is to challenge the case on the basis of the client being entrapped, which means that the defendant wouldn’t have been predisposed to the crime if it hadn’t been for the government’s involvement and pressure to get the client involved.

“Proving entrapment is two-fold here as the attorney has to show lack of predisposition and government inducement. The fact that a government agent might have initiated contact and encouraged someone to commit a crime is not enough - defense attorneys have to take it a step further and prove that the defendant felt there was too much risk in not taking part in the crime, or was coerced into committing the crime at some critical point,” he said.

“In order to be able to build robust defenses in federal cases, it’s important that a defense attorney makes use of experts, paralegals, and investigators. So you’ll want to select a lawyer who has access to these resources and a track record in successfully dealing with federal drug charges,” he said.


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