Top Probate & Estate Planning Attorney Rory Clark Reveals Essential Checklist For Executors – Leesburg, VA

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Leading Elder Law Attorney Rory Clark founder of the Legacy Elder Law Center in Leesburg, VA shares essential advice for executors tasked with managing wills. For more information please visit

Executors of wills can be prone to drowning in paperwork, losing their way and failing to administer a person's will effectively, said Elder Law and Estate Planning Attorney Rory Clark. That's why they need to consider hiring a probate attorney to guide them through the process.

For more information please visit

The founder of The Legacy Elder Law Center, advised that before hiring a lawyer, an executor collects various documents required for probate. This process enables a will to be managed end-to-end and brought to a successful conclusion.

Such documents include certified copies of the death certificate, last will and any codicils, bank statements and other financial records, a list of a loved one's assets, and names and contact details of the heirs and the individuals named in the will.

If they believe family members could contest or cause problems during the probate process, then having all the relevant documents at hand will help them and their probate attorney.

Clark said an executor carries a lot of power but also shoulders burdens and responsibilities, so they must be thoroughly detailed and focused.

According to the deceased's wishes, they will be responsible for distributing assets, such as money and property, and honoring any outstanding debts against the estate.

An executor must understand what probate is all about. While it is the legal distribution of assets following someone's death, legal steps still need to be followed before they can be distributed to beneficiaries.

However, probate may not be necessary if a loved one leaves a small estate. This keeps the proceedings out of the court system and gives a faster path to settlement.

When an estate is large enough to require probate, the person named in the will to serve as executor (or personal representative) must remember that they have no actual legal authority until an official probate form is filed and a probate court appoints them as a personal representative.

Clark said that before seeking advice from a probate attorney, an executor needs to evaluate the best attorney available, as no two estates and wills are the same.

 "An executor should invest a little time in choosing the best probate attorney to fit the circumstances they need them for. Find one that is sympathetic and communicative but is also experienced in this area of the law," Clark concluded.


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Name: Rory Clark
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Organization: The Legacy Elder Law Center
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Name: Rory Clark
Email: Send Email
Organization: The Legacy Elder Law Center
Address: 108 South St SE ste 212, Leesburg, VA 20175, United States
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