Top Mortgage Professional Tina Mitchell Offers Productivity Course for Business Professionals Sick of Wasting Time

Top Mortgage Professional Tina Mitchell offers a productivity course for teams and business professionals called "One-Time™ Your Business" that paves the way for them to ditch distractions and dead ends that steal valuable time, while creating lasting habits that make a big difference in their quality of life -- on the job and off. Learn more and register now at .

With a New Year soon to debut, team leaders and business professionals are thinking about how they can inspire and support their teams to be more productive in 2019. That’s why gifts that relate to better organization are so timely right now.

“Managers and leaders looking for gifts to support their teams in achieving big, bold goals for the New Year will find One-Time Your Business to be a gift that keeps on giving in terms of improved team productivity, improved morale, and less team turnover,” Top 1% Mortgage Professional and Course Creator Mitchell says.

After all, the average American spends 2.5 days each year looking for lost items, collectively costing U.S. households $2.7 billion annually in replacement costs so suggests a recent report from Pixie Technology Inc. The report also states that multitasking is the most cited cause for misplacing items with almost half of Americans saying trying to juggle more than one task leads to them forgetting where they placed a valuable.

The OTYB course covers hot topics week by week for eight weeks to guide students to optimize their productivity so they can have more time to do what they love.

Week 1: Time Blocking, Online Calendar, Voicemail & One-timing

Week 2: Task Management, One-tasking, Checklists & Web Forms

Week 3: Inbox Efficiency, Email Tips, Email Templates & Landing Pages

Week 4: Eliminating Objections & Avoiding Mistakes

Week 5: Scripts, Video & Reviews

Week 6: Presentation, Embracing Strengths & Team Building

Week 7: Touch Points, Lead Generation & Database Management (CRM)

Week 8: Next Steps, Time Wasters, Conclusion & Graduation

The lost time experienced on the job searching for items that can’t easily be located also has costly consequences. That’s one of the reasons Tina Mitchell created the course. Business professionals can take the course from wherever they live, work or play. It’s designed for those who are tired of being busy, not getting anything done, and still not making the money they want to.

To date, hundreds of business professionals have graduated to eliminate time and money wasters, organize their electronic inbox to save hours of time, make the most of time-saving apps, and gain mastery over change and mistakes.

Graduates define clear goals, stay focused, stop draining creative and physical energy, and deploy powerful strategies to follow through with confidence, while easily identifying and ditching distractions and dead ends.

Mitchell says the course focuses on small successes, taking the hard road, and embracing failures as participants create new, lasting habits that make a profound difference in the quality of life each and every student enjoys – on the job and off.

About Top 1% Mortgage Professional Tina Mitchell

Top 1% Mortgage Professional, Radio Show Host, Author, and Course Creator Tina Mitchell created the “One-Time Your Business” course to support business professionals who complain all too often about not having enough time to get their most crucial business tasks completed so they can have more time to do what they love. Mitchell is also the founder and creator of Mortgage Triangle Software that is used by mortgage professionals nationwide.

Today hundreds of graduates are celebrating the results the course promises to enjoy productive, happy lives of achievement and contribution while opening up valuable time to enjoy family, friends, and hobbies.

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