Top Injury Attorney Kevin Sprenz Reveals Why Avoiding Immediate Treatment Can Hurt Your PI Claim - Las Vegas, NV

Legal Insights podcast featured guest Personal Injury Attorney Kevin Sprenz and founding partner at Sprenz Law, explains how not getting immediate treatment can hurt an injury claim in Las Vegas, NV. For more information please visit

In a recent Legal Insights podcast, Kevin Sprenz, founding partner at Sprenz Law, revealed how not getting immediate treatment can hurt an injury claim in Las Vegas, NV.

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When asked to comment, Sprenz explained to listeners that “When a lot of people get into accidents, their adrenaline is flowing at the scene. If there’s no blood or broken bones, they think they are ok and go home. As the day progresses, they begin to feel stiff and a little sore. Most people try to take some Advil, thinking that the stiffness will go away.”

However, according to Sprenz, this can cause more harm than good both for an injury case and physical wellbeing. Insurance companies are always looking for reasons not to pay for legitimate claims. He continued "If you are injured and delay going to a doctor, the insurance company will use that against you and claim you were not actually hurt as a result of the crash."

Sprenz went on to say “if you are hurt, you should go to the doctor as soon as possible, for your overall health as well as protecting your rights and potential injury claim.”

"Insurance companies are in the business of making money, not paying money out. They'll use any chance they get to argue that they shouldn't pay someone. If you get into an accident, and you don’t go to the doctor in the first three or four days, the insurance companies will claim that you aren’t hurt,” he said.

Sprenz pointed out that this will, in turn, seriously harm the chances of winning a personal injury case.

Injuries from a car accident can vary from whiplash to a disc rupture, meaning that it's essential to understand the symptoms, some of which don’t appear immediately.

He continued by saying, “The way the body works, it protects itself with a huge adrenaline rush, and the injuries start to manifest themselves in different symptoms. It could be the pain from whiplash, where your muscles get a thousand little tears in them, or it could be a disc injury which takes time to manifest itself as well.”

The main thing to keep in mind, according to Sprenz, is to not only seek treatment but the right kind of treatment.

“The main thing to realize is that you didn’t do anything wrong. You were in this accident that wasn’t caused by you. You need to get checked out to make sure that you’re ok. In the initial doctor visit after the accident, they will check you to make sure you’re not going to die, take some X-rays, and tell you to take Advil,” he said.

However, X-rays don’t reveal all injuries, such as soft-tissue injuries. He added that it’s vital to follow-up with doctors to get more serious injuries diagnosed and treated.

When asked what he would tell anyone who has just been in an accident, he said, “You know your body - if it’s not feeling right, go get checked out. Make sure you’re ok and get taken care of. It’s something that you’re entitled to. If someone causes you harm, it’s up to them and their insurance company to make it right,” he said.


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