Top Industry Leaders Announces Top Industry Leaders for Summer 2015, a website that recognizes industry leading businesses and professionals across the globe, is pleased to announce the selected industry leaders recognized in the Summer of 2015.

TopIndustryLeaders is pleased to announce ther list of innovative companies being recognized as top industry leaders in the summer of 2015.

TIL recognizes Éilís Crean of The Irish Gift, Inc as an industry leader in music.

Éilís Crean is one of only six people in the world playing the East Galway Irish Music Tradition, and is passionate about keeping this tradition alive. As a fiddle-player growing up in Co. Roscommon, Ireland, Éilís was taught by the highly esteemed and legendary Eddie Kelly (most famous for his haunting reel, known simply as Eddie Kelly’s reel), who played a large part in her upbringing, providing her with hours of instruction through the artful arrangement of his notes during weekly lessons. The Irish Gift, Inc was founded by Éilís as a means to promote and preserve this music tradition that is in danger of dying out.

Éilís has said that "The East Galway Irish Music Tradition (EGIMT) is such a meaningful musical institution. It is imbued with momentous intuition and ethics. It is an emblem of a value-system handed down to us from our forefathers that taught us gratitude for the simple things in life. And we oftentimes forget or ignore this wisdom. And truth be told, we’d be better off if we remembered it as there is insight and balance in it"

The vision of The Irish Gift, Inc is to offer education on all of the distinctive Irish customs so that they will never be forgotten or cast away, that they will continue to be a living part of our world. An even deeper aspiration is to teach about a way of life when these traditions were the cornerstone of the Irish ethnology and culture not so many years ago.

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TIL also recognizes Cushimat as an industry leading anti-fatigue mat manufacturer.

Cushimats are incredibly comfortable, fashionable, yet durable anti-fatigue mats. Their flow thru design ensures the surface of the mat is always clean and dry. Made to be used indoors or outdoors, they provide a slip resistant surface that dries quickly, is anti-microbial, and will not rot. Made of premium high density PVC, Cushimats are soft and incredibly comfortable, yet durable enough for all conditions.

For more information, or to contact Cushimat, visit:

TIL also recognizes Sip-N-Oodle as an industry leading pool & leisure product.

The Sip-N-Oodle helps pool goers everywhere beat the summer heat, by holding more than 22 ounces of any cold or frozen beverage inside a specially designed pool noodle. They don't spill or leak, and they keep the pool/lake/ocean water out of your drink! The Sip-N-Oodle has been taking social media by storm this summer, and was also recently featured on the Today Show with Kathee Lee and Hoda, on NBC, in a segment called 'Summer Fun Gadgets'.

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