Top Estate Planning Attorney Rex Hogue Urges Caution When Choosing A Probate & Estate Administration Lawyer - Frisco, TX

Leading estate planning attorney Rex Hogue, partner of Haiman Hogue PLLC in Frisco Texas reveals the importance of choosing the right attorney when it comes to trust and probate law. For more information please visit

Estate planning attorney Rex Hogue, partner of Haiman Hogue PLLC in Frisco Texas has urged caution when selecting a probate attorney.

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Hogue rightly suggested choosing an attorney who practices exclusively in the areas of estate planning, trust and probate law. Choosing this person will provide peace of mind because you know that they know what they’re doing.

"Anyone who is licensed to practice law in the relevant state can act as your legal representative during the probate process. However, it's essential to choose someone who knows the specifics about probate,” he said. “The practice of law has become very similar to the practice of medicine, it’s become very specialized.”

"You want to know they have the experience in estate planning, trusts and probate law, and that this is where they dedicate most of their time. At least you'll know that you'll have competent legal help to navigate through the complicated probate process."

He urged that those seeking a probate attorney should question their specific area of expertise and whether they were skilled in dealing with issues arising from trust administration and taxes after someone has passed.

The need to establish a timeframe to resolve a probate case was also crucial. Hogue elaborated: "If an attorney is vague and cannot provide an answer, be wary they might try to drag it out and overcharge you.”

"There's no question probate can be both costly and lengthy. But a competent probate attorney should be able to give you a timeframe of how long your case should take after looking over your estate."

Hogue also suggested asking how long it takes for questions to be addressed by the law firm as communication is a priority in such a process. "Some offices might leave your questions unanswered for days, yet others answer within a timely manner."

He said that questioning a probate lawyer's fees would also help, adding: "It's important to be upfront and direct about fees to ensure you won't be surprised at a later date. Establish whether a lawyer charges a flat fee or by the hour.

"If they charge a flat fee, ask whether or not there's the possibility of other fees being tacked on. If their fee is billed hourly, you can ask them how long they might spend on your case. Most probate attorneys will charge a flat fee for an uncontested matter but charge hourly if there is going to be a fight over the estate’s assets."

Hogue revealed that some probate cases require lawyer fees to be paid as a percentage of the estate's total assets, and that's important to understand in advance.


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