Top Elder Law And Estate Planning Attorney Fred Haiman Reveals Key Legal Issues Affecting Seniors - Frisco, TX

Leading Estate Planning Lawyer Fred Haiman, founding partner of Haiman Hogue PLLC in Frisco, TX explains that entering senior age can contribute to a web of complexities unless they are dealt with early. For more information please visit

Growing older should mean life gets more straightforward, but as Frisco, Texas, attorney Fred Haiman, founding partner of Haiman Hogue PLLC rightly pointed out, entering senior age can contribute to a new web of complexities unless they are dealt with early.

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Haiman highlighted several areas in which a person could require the professional help of an Elder Law attorney and ensure all their financial and health concerns are dealt with.

One of the critical areas is health care. Inevitably, growing older means a decline in physical and mental health with the costs of assisted living or nursing home support being astronomical. “Without proper planning, you could find the financial nest egg that you have built up over the years being spent on your assisted living, rather than being used for more enjoyable things or being left for your loved ones,” Haiman commented.

He advised that there are many ways to protect your assets and working options to pay for long-term care.

“The skill of an Elder Law attorney is to show you the alternatives in which government programs such as Medicare and Medicaid can be utilized while limiting the potential costs on you and helping you to protect your assets.”

They can advise how you may benefit from the Older Americans Act, which created the Administration on Aging, the agency advocating for the elderly. The Act provides funds for services and programs to benefit senior citizens and their families, and how they can be assisted by a wealth of government programs, from nutrition services to adult daycare and nursing home supervision.

The same attorney can also provide key advice on estate planning measures that will encompass your wishes when you die. They can advise on different approaches to fulfilling your objectives, whether it be a will, a trust or on financial or healthcare matters.

“By planning your estate early (before you actually need it), you will have peace of mind going into later life and the ability to review and modify such measures if circumstances change,” he added.

Haiman went on to say “Elder Law attorneys are equally adept at helping with measures that will reflect your wishes if you become ill or incapacitated and there comes a time that you cannot manage your estate and financial affairs independently. These can amount to putting documents in place that appoint people you trust or even helping your loved ones seek legal guardianship if neccessary.”

Haiman concluded: “Your Elder Law attorney will be able to put a structure in place in case your health deteriorates to the point where you are deemed incapable.”


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