Top Custody & Divorce Attorney Daryl Weinman Reveals How to Keep Costs Down During A Relationship Split - Austin, TX.

Leading custody & divorce lawyer Daryl Weinman founding partner of Weinman & Associates, P.C in Austin, TX outlines how to keep costs low during a relationship split. For more information please visit

In a recent interview Daryl Weinman, founding partner of Weinman & Associates, P.C in Austin, TX advised taking several careful steps through the divorce minefield to help avoid the fallout of a financial meltdown.

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Elaborating, Weinman commented that the costs of a divorce process could quickly spiral out of control unless you apply financial discipline and keep expenses reigned in.

The Austin, TX-based lawyer said the priority for anyone during such a highly emotive time is to think clearly and appoint the right divorce attorney to fit their needs and keep an eye on their fees.

She explained: “These two things are crucial to minimizing the cost process, and you may be able to avoid becoming entangled in a long-running process that can wind up in court.

“Take time to assess the best divorce attorney, question them, get to know their experience and once retained, reach a point of trust quickly. That means letting them do their job, with fewer meetings and time on strategy, and doing more to get your own situation balanced.

“Having a good business relationship with your attorney includes having confidence in their abilities. But you need to ensure your attorney is fit for the purpose for which you want them. If you want to settle quickly and amicably, then an attorney better suited to fighting contentious divorces isn’t necessarily for you. Although, since one spouse is not always in control of the level of conflict, finding an attorney with both skill sets is important”

You need to understand how your lawyer will charge before committing to signing a contract from the get-go. Be sure of their fees, and if unsure, ask.

She added: “Find out what they charge for the work of their administrative staff, what they require as a retainer, and how often you will be expected to replenish that retainer. Always be clear of what financial outlay you will need.”

An attorney is only as good as the information that is in front of them, she said, adding: “Clients need to communicate honestly and effectively with their attorney and never resort to lies. If an attorney learns the truth in the middle of a trial, they will not be properly prepared and it will not go well for the client. Keep in mind that everything the client tells the attorney is confidential and protected, so don’t be afraid to admit to less-than-flattering behavior.

“They should also try to be efficient in their communications – so one email with 15 questions, rather than 15 separate emails, will save the client substantially. Also consider a strategy of timely meetings that review the process and the lawyer’s work for a smoother, quicker process.”

Another costly error to avoid is not keeping up to date with paperwork and bumping right up against deadlines, as mistakes will double the work and potentially double the bill for avoidable mistakes.

“If you have to go to trial, then file first for divorce. There is a huge psychological advantage to being able to tell your story to the court first, rather than being on the defensive.” Weinman added.

“But above all, keep a cool head and try not to let emotions, such as resentment, get the better of you during the divorce process. Dragging your feet or avoiding issues that need to be tackled will only see you bear the burden of spiraling costs.”


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