Top Criminal Defense Attorney Kristin Paulding Outlines Key Defense Strategies On Drug Possession Charges - Virginia Beach, VA

Leading Criminal Defense Attorney Kristin Paulding founder at 7 Cities Law in Virginia Beach, VA highlights a number of defenses open to an accused. For more information please visit

An effective defense strategy is required to counteract drug possession charges which can have long-term implications if they are taken lightly, disclosed leading criminal defense attorney Kristin Paulding.

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The founder of the Virginia Beach, VA, 7 Cities Law firm was quick to highlight a number of defenses open to an accused. One of the most common is arguing that the drugs were not those of the accused, but belonged to another person.

"It is the Government's burden to prove you had the drugs. So your defense attorney can argue that the drugs do not belong to you and you did not know they were there," Paulding explained.

In nearly all cases it's a defense attorney can also question the validity of lab analysis as it's the prosecution's burden to prove the substance that the accused is charged with possessing is indeed the drug they were alleged to have had.

"They will have the substance analyzed in a crime lab by an analyst who has to testify in court to round out the prosecution's case. But the proper procedures to preserve and test the evidence may have not been followed.”

If the drugs go missing, or they are tampered with or the chain of custody is not preserved, a defense attorney could move to have the charges dismissed.

Before the trial date, the defense can utilize their own investigators to inspect the drugs their client was allegedly in possession of and use experts to contradict the amount of drugs found to reduce the severity of the charges, Paulding added.

“If someone is facing a charge of drug possession, they should work quickly to find a specialist and experienced lawyer that can defend them thoroughly," she concluded.


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