Top Criminal Defense Attorney Frank Fernandez Wins Another Case

Top Criminal Defense Attorney, Frank Fernandez, today secured the release of his client and the dismissal of all charges against him. Today’s clear win is further evidence of why Mr. Fernandez is ranked among the top criminal defense attorneys in Massachusetts.

Mr. Frank Fernandez once again earned his mettle as a top criminal defense attorney when he today gained the release of his client and the dismissal of all charges against him. He was able to secure the win at only the second court hearing.

“I am very proud to confirm that my client was indeed released today after the charge of malicious damage to property was dropped.” Mr. Fernandez explains further: “My client was initially accused of slashing the tires of over 20 vehicles with damages totalling over $250. Fortunately the client contacted me in time for me to get my investigator on to the case. He was able to locate surveillance footage proving that my client was in fact in an entirely different location and couldn’t logistically have made it to the crime scene in time to commit the tire slashing. Other surveillance footage located of the actual crime scene shows a group of perpetrators slashing the tires, none of which is my client.”

Thanks to the timely investigation and the compelling evidence, Mr. Fernandez was able to secure his client’s release, and the prosecutor’s dismissal of the charge of malicious damage to property, at just the second court hearing.

Mr. Fernandez believes it is his clear and prompt communication with his clients that makes him a top criminal defense attorney. When asked about how to pick a top attorney, Mr. Fernandez said he feels that it is imperative that an attorney offers a free consultation to the prospective client to discuss his/her personal situation prior to taking the case.

He continues: “In a free consultation the client should ask about the attorney’s experience in the practice area under which he/she was charged. The client should also discuss the legal fee and if it covers an investigator and/or expert witnesses. Most importantly, the client should feel comfortable with the attorney; after all this is someone you’re trusting with a case whose outcome impacts on your entire life.”

Mr. Fernandez’ full-service firm – the Law Office of Frank Fernandez Esq. – focuses on criminal defense, personal injury, medical malpractice, and immigration and naturalization cases. The firm offers its services throughout the state of Massachusetts.

One satisfied client, Anna Poulakis, sums up: “Attorney Fernandez helped my family through a very difficult situation. He was not only thorough and attentive but also very caring and compassionate. He got us a very favorable ruling in a case that could have ended up much worse. I highly recommend his legal services. He is truly an expert at what he does.”

About Frank Fernandez
Mr. Fernandez is a St. Louis native and has been practising law for over 20 years. He graduated from Boston College and Washington University Law School, and worked as a DA in the City of St. Louis before establishing his firm, the Law Office of Frank Fernandez Esq. Mr. Fernandez has experience as lead counsel on numerous trials in both State and Federal Courts. He speaks Spanish fluently and enjoys serving the Latin community.

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