Top Criminal Defense Attorney Edward La Rue Reveals Red Flags When Hiring A Defense Lawyer - Cleveland, OH

Leading Criminal Defense Attorney and founding partner of the Law Offices Edward R. La Rue in Cleveland discloses several red flags that may suggest you don't have the proper representation on your side. For more information please visit

With so many lawyers to choose from within your area, let alone your State, it can be a bewildering prospect, criminal defense attorney Edward La Rue asserts.

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In weighing up whether you have hired the right lawyer, the Cleveland Law Offices of Edward R. La Rue's founding partner discloses several red flags that may suggest you don't have the proper representation on your side.

La Rue starts by saying “The last thing you need in a highly stressful and challenging situation when faced with criminal charges, a trial, and/or the accusations leading up to a criminal case, is a lawyer that couldn't care less about you. If you have a lawyer that is either less than enthusiastic, doesn't have a plan for your defense, or is seemingly unconnected or unaware of your concerns, then it may be time to consider retaining a lawyer who is more sympathetic and responsive to you and your concerns.”

When turning to a lawyer for help, a truly professional criminal defense attorney will show complete focus when formulating a defense tailored to both the case and the client. A lack of good decision-making on the lawyer’s part could well jeopardize the client's future in a multitude of ways.

La Rue went on to say, “While this may well not be targeted at you as client, the lack of respect extended to your lawyer by their peers could be a clear and present danger sign of what may be coming. If your lawyer hasn’t earned the respect of other lawyers and the Court in particular, this could well be a sign of problems down the road either with getting a fair plea bargain offer, or worse yet, at your trial. So consider your options carefully.”

“Further, while no lawyer is above the law, you may want to steer clear of lawyers that want to bend the law or facts beyond what is supported by the evidence and in doing so, lose all credibility. Bottom line – if your lawyer is exposed as playing it “fast and loose”, you could lose any chance of a positive result that might have existed however bad the case or situation appears to be.

La Rue added, “As much as lawyers are in the communication game, you may find that yours is seriously lacking when they fail to keep you up to speed with your case. Missed calls, failing to turn up for meetings, and excuses that seem hollow will all resonate with you. To counter this, ditch them and get a new lawyer or discover the best and most efficient ways of communicating with them.”

La Rue added that most good lawyers will always be honest, transparent, reliable and personally invested. If they aren't, it's time to switch.


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