Top Business Professionals Are Beginning To Incorporate Life Coaching Into Their Lives

Total Life Consultancy, LLC offers understanding and self development techniques to high level professional women, in an effort to help them transform to live the life they dream.

While working as a high level professional is overwhelming and stressful, many different corporations understand the necessity to reevaluate the working mindset and what is needed to maintain a mental and emotionally healthy lifestyle by offering personal development tools, support during difficult times, and a full understanding of the total life of the working professional.

“The techniques we use show professionals how to effortlessly perform at higher levels while finding more meaning, satisfaction, and fulfillment in every area of their lives,” says Dr. LaVerne Adams, principal of Total Life Consultancy, LLC.

Although high level professionals are often the last people who are considered in need of assistance, the opposite is really true due to the overwhelming demands and expectations placed upon their lives. The unfortunate truth is that these professionals are the ones who end up being neglected and often abandoned when they need moral support the most.

Top businesses are quickly involving transformational leadership summits into their companies like HMG Strategy, LLC.

"Thanks to their comprehensive view of how business units and corporate functions interoperate across the enterprise, CIOs are well positioned to orchestrate transformational change," said Hunter Muller, HMG Strategy's President and CEO.

Famous icon, Oprah Winfrey, makes an effort to uplift and transform her personal life as well as the lives of people around her.

“It’s easy to get off track without an inner understanding of yourself and who you really are,” Winfrey says. “It’s about knowing steadfastly who you are and knowing what your vision is for your life and holding onto that.”

Total Life Consultancy, LLC specifically offers support to high level professionals that are feeling dissatisfied and overwhelmed by the weight of a fast paced career, and focuses on people like corporate executives, high profile athletes, celebrities, CEOs, pastors, and politicians who face a unique set of challenges and pressures that, without the necessary support, could ultimately lead to utter failure.

Dr. Adams' transformational leadership programs focus on strategically nurturing the total person to see success in every area of life, while instilling a positive state of mind, improved relationships, and producing peak performance.
"I love her spirit and energy! She has made such an impact in my life!" Said Cece McGhee, FM Radio Personality.

Dr. Adams writes about a proven transformational plan that produces a clear sense of direction to living a satisfying dream life in her book, "Destination Transformation: Your Navigational Guide to a Totally Fulfilling, Pretty Amazing, Completely Rewarding Dream Life". For more information on her book, click here.

Ultimately, Dr. Adams helps business professionals to be more productive, ready to take on any challenge, all while incorporating a more holistic satisfying lifestyle.

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