Top Bankruptcy Attorney Bryan Keenan Shares What’s Needed To Qualify & File For Chapter 13 - Pittsburgh, PA

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Bankruptcy attorney Bryan Keenan has outlined key reasons why a person may qualify for Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

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The founder of Bryan P. Keenan & Associates, Pittsburgh, PA., said Chapter 13 bankruptcy might well be a perfect solution for a debtor as it allows them to repay smaller amounts to creditors than what they are owed while keeping hold of their assets.

Those who can qualify for Chapter 13 include employed people and can cover the required monthly payments of debt, have up to date tax filings, and prove that they are within debt amount limitations.

Keenan revealed that a debtor would have to prove that they had filed for federal and state income tax returns for the previous four years before their bankruptcy filing date. “You will also have to show that, under Chapter 13, you have sufficient income to meet your repayment requirements,” he added..

Income sources can include regular wages, wages from seasonal work or self-employment, sales commissioners, pension payouts, compensation benefits, royalties, child support and proceeds of property sales.

Filers opt for Chapter 13 rather than Chapter 7 as it enables them to pay the debt over a three to five-year period and still retain their property or asset, he said. A debtor can also block a collection action while paying off a tax bill or a non-dischargeable debt as part of a repayment plan.

Debtors can also keep hold of nonexempt property, where it would otherwise be sold under Chapter 7, as long as the debtor can repay the nonexempt part in the repayment period.

He said that while a business cannot file for Chapter 13, a sole business proprietor will file both business and personal debts in the bankruptcy filing.

Keenan added: “If a person’s debts exceed certain amounts, then they may not qualify for Chapter 13. It is highly advisable to consult an experienced bankruptcy attorney as they can walk through all the complex aspects of a Chapter 13 bankruptcy filing.”


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