Top Bankruptcy Attorney Bryan Keenan Reveals How He's Helping People Avoid Foreclosure - Pittsburgh, PA

Leading bankruptcy attorney Bryan Keenan, founding partner of Bryan P. Keenan & Associates, P.C. in Pittsburgh, PA, explains how he helps his clients avoid foreclosure. For more information please visit

In a recent interview, leading bankruptcy attorney Bryan Keenan, founding partner of Bryan P. Keenan & Associates, P.C. in Pittsburgh, PA, revealed how he helps his clients avoid foreclosure and the bank taking their home. For more information please visit

When asked to comment, Keenan said, “Foreclosure is one of the worst things that can happen to someone. Not only could they lose their home, but they might also owe an additional amount to their lender after their home is sold at a Sheriff Sale. And to add to this, foreclosure will also negatively impact their credit.”

That's why, Keenan says, it's vital to explain to people all the information and tools that are at their disposal to avoid foreclosure.

Keenan’s law firm urges their clients to confront late payment and identify the source of the problem.

“I always warn my clients to find and address the problem as soon as they begin slipping on their mortgage payments. The more missed payments, the harder it becomes to reinstate a loan. Once you pass the point of no return, it’ll become extremely challenging to keep your house. However, you file for a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, an order called the automatic stay stops your lender from conducting the foreclosure sale. It will enable you to reinstate your regular mortgage payments and pay the arrears over a five year period," he said.

Another piece of advice that Keenan provides his clients is to contact their lender directly at the first sign of financial trouble.

When asked to explain further, he said, “One of the most important messages I try to get across is that lenders are not in the business to seize homes from borrowers. They simply want to turn a profit. Even if someone does fall behind on their payments, there have options available to them".

For instance, Keenan explained, many are unaware that most mortgage lenders have various payment options to help guide them through rough financial hardship.

To ensure that a situation isn’t exacerbated, Keenan advises that his clients keep the lines of communication open between them and their lenders at all times.

“Once you begin missing payments, the lender will send notices in the mail about possible payment options. I've seen it time and time again, where many of my clients fall on even tougher financial times when they ignore this correspondence," he said.

Keenan also ensures to walk his clients through mortgage rights, which are often found in the mortgage documents. According to Keenan, being aware of this is important, so his clients are not blindsided.

“Furthermore, every state has different laws when it comes to foreclosure. I breaks down any complicated language into easy-to-understand terms so that anyone who comes to me can be well-informed and aware of all of their available options in Pennsylvania,” he added.


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