Top Attorney Edward La Rue Shares Key Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Criminal Defense Lawyer - Cleveland, OH

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Making an informed decision before hiring a criminal defense attorney is achieved by asking the right questions first, disclosed Cleveland Attorney Edward R. La Rue.

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The founding partner of the Law Offices of Edward R. La Rue urged anyone thinking of hiring a criminal defense attorney to schedule a face-to-face meeting with a lawyer, assess their qualifications and experience, and discover any past and present satisfied clients.

One of the first questions people often ask is whether a lawyer will offer a free initial consultation. La Rue commented: “If they give a free initial consultation, then it gives a potential client an idea of what the lawyer is like, how they might go about defending you as a potential client, and whether they have the expertise and know-how to get the job done.”

Throughout the consultation, a person can gauge the lawyer’s reactions and recommendations, and can build a rapport. “If a person has confidence in that lawyer and feels comfortable, then the conversation can flow to other more pertinent matters, such as the costs associated with a vigorous defense,” added La Rue.

He also advised people to opt for lawyers that are specialists in their fields rather than general lawyers who have a license to practice but may not know all the ins and outs specific to the practice of criminal law.

“When a person’s life, reputation, credibility, and relationships are on the line, the prospective client wants the attorney to be focused and be a good listener so that they may better understand the legal arguments they can best use on behalf of the defendant.”

La Rue added that questions over a lawyer’s fees are often of the highest priority. However, a prospective client would be less likely to hire a lawyer whose fees are low, but whose outcomes have also been second rate. Charging by the hour can result in high legal expenses based upon the type of case it is, and those lawyers who cannot give a straight answer to a straightforward question of cost, are best avoided.

Lawyers working for a flat fee (very common in criminal defense representation) will give the defendant an upfront cost of what they will need to spend to cover the costs of the lawyer and the defense itself. Fees will range depending on the severity and complexity of the case. “They could ask a lawyer if they can give an itemized quotation of what they will charge to
represent them to avoid any nasty shocks or surprises,” highlighted La Rue.

A person also needs to assert whether their proposed lawyer has handled similar cases before and how that experience panned out. “It is a big advantage if a potential lawyer has the experience of handling their type of case and formulating a strategy for the best possible result.”

La Rue said that a person also needs to question who will be handling all their legal matters within the law firm and who they need to contact. “Find out exactly who will be running the case from an administrative point at the back end and who will be the legal representative in court at the front end. For example, many lawyers with the reputation that brought the client into the office for the case in the first place then pass the case along for the actual representation thereafter to a younger
attorney. However, such a practice is selling the client on believing they are hiring the known, respected lawyer while in
actuality, they are being defended by a younger, less experienced attorney who actually defends the client in Court and files
all the essential documents for the defense.”

La Rue explained emphatically, “This kind of ‘bait and switch’ is not proper or fair.,

“Another key question to ask is how open and accessible the lawyer will be. A person needs to feel confident that when they seek answers from a lawyer, communication will flow freely both ways. Will a lawyer be on hand to answer questions that are probably keeping that person awake at night?” concluded La Rue.


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