Top Atlanta Luxury Interior Designer, VPI Design, Explores Ceiling Design Options that Create a Visual Impact

Luxury Interior Designer of Atlanta, VPI Design by Dina Varner, discusses options to create a statement ceiling.

The ceiling is the part of a room that is often overlooked. There are many different ways to create visual interest in a room simply by adding a design to the ceiling which can enhance or even completely transform a space. Decorating a ceiling and customizing it can create a focal point, add dimension, and intrigue. There are a variety of methods to choose from, each one with its unique range of benefits. Adding design elements to the ceiling plane can have noteworthy impact on the overall ambiance of a space.

Lacquered paint is a good choice if the goal for the ceiling is to be a focal point for the room. This type of paint is known to bring an unexpected visual appeal. It will add a new layer of depth to a space and it can generate energy thanks to light reflections. There is something captivating about that inimitable patent leather shine — it feels sophisticated, timeless, opulent, and unexpected all at once.

Stack Mouldings are a great way to add dimension to a room. Options include creating the single wood piece effect, casting light on the ceiling, or adding a false finish. The latter will imitate things like leather, brick or metal, and it’s actually very convenient and easy to work with.

Dropped Ceilings are false/suspended ceilings that can also help bring some dimension to a room. Select panels that vary in shapes and sizes, and suspend them at different heights. This helps create depth, while also delivering a resounding and powerful look. To be on the conservative side, use panels that are symmetrical and then hang them at the right height.

Geometric Statement Ceilings improve the sense of dimension and value, while imbuing a lot of creativity into the mix. Use beams to create an eye-catching pattern, or use paneling to add dimension, while overhauling the design and making it feel a lot more complex.

Adding a wallpaper to a ceiling is not an easy task, but the result is worth the effort. It’s a great way to personalize a room, and it definitely provides quite a lot of depth too, which is always exciting.

Artistic Statement Ceilings allow for a room to feel a lot larger. Use things like foliage, geometric patterns, natural flowers and so on. Add a light fixture or an art element to really make things pop and stand out.

Tray, Coffered, and Dome Ceilings are other ways to add some dimension to a room. These are great for adding height to the room and also establish some architectural interest. In addition to beautifying formal spaces, these ceilings can also serve as an archway or transitional element to separate one room from another.

If you’re looking to create a statement ceiling with a pop, then opt for a 3D design. This type of ceiling brings a lot of dimension and value, while pushing the visual experience to the next level!

About VPI Design by Dina Varner:
Dina Varner is founder and creative director of VPI Design, an Atlanta and Sea Island Interior Design Firm working with both residential and commercial clients. She and her husband have been in the commercial construction industry for many years. Her inspiration comes from over twenty-five years of collecting and selling art and antiques through venues like Sotheby’s, Babcock Gallery, and Christie’s. This love of art and antiques started as a passion and has evolved into a successful business. Dina’s rich southern heritage, in addition to her love of fashion and travel, also act as her creative influence. The VPI Design team work together with a distinct flair for aesthetic insight into unique designs exhibiting elegance and style. They explore the use of light and texture for an organic appealing experience in every timeless interior. Combinations of art deco, vintage, and contemporary styles are combined to create elegance while simultaneously exuding simplicity and comfort in each living space. Her designers enjoy getting to know their clients personally to create a home that suits their individual taste. Dina believes that every aspect of a room should complement one another to tell a unique story.

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