Tooth Fairy Works LLC Launches Kickstarter to Fund New Children's Book

New author, Ginny Jordan, announces the launch of a Kickstarter campaign for Tooth Fair Works LLC to launch her new children's book

In 2017, the Children's book “Elf on the Shelf” was 11 million elves strong and steadily growing. This is a phenomenon that has truly swept the nation and become a part of history.

Now, in an effort to mimic the success of this Christmastime favorite, new author Ginny Jordan, a single mother from Texas, has launched a Kickstarter campaign to help get her new creation “The Tooth Fairy Treasure Box” off the ground.

“Right now, I am offering those who donate to my campaign to get my Tooth fairy book off the ground, and early bird book special,” stated author Ginny Jordan. “In addition to the storybook and treasure box, I also have a coloring book and unicorn t-shirts available. Anyone who opts to donate to my campaign can receive an author signature, special postcard to the child from the Tooth Fairy, and the first 100 books come numbered.”

The legend of the Tooth Fairy is one that dates back all the way to the time of the Vikings and is one that both children and parents enjoy celebrating. The inspiration for the book was born when single mother, Ginny Jordan wanted to bring about a more successful tradition for the story of the Tooth Fairy. She hopes the book will make a child’s innocence a bit stronger and last much longer. The book provides the old Tooth Fairy tradition an all new and exciting beginning.

“The goal of the Kickstarter campaign $3,450 and those who donate can expect to receive their gifts and incentives sometime in April of 2019,” continued Jordan. “The funds are going to be used to do a first run of the book and the reassure chest, which is made of real wood.”

More information about the newest children’s story “The Tooth Fairy Treasure Box” can be found by visiting the Kickstarter campaign page, or by contacting Tooth Fairy Works LLC.


First-time author Ginny Jordan is a small-town Texas girl with a big heart. Life for a hairdresser and single mother of three can get hectic, and things can slip through the cracks. When Ginny's daughter was crushed to find her mother retrieving the tooth under her pillow that had been left for the Tooth Fairy, Ginny was as devastated as her daughter. Ginny never wants that to happen to her child or any child ever again! The Tooth Fairy Book and Treasure Chest will assure that every child has a magical experience with the Tooth Fairy!

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