ToolsDuty Launches Best Tap And Die Set Review and Buyers Guide

Newark-based ToolsDuty offers a comprehensive description and review of the best tap and die sets of 2017. A buyer's guide is included in the article and blog post.

ToolsDuty and James Matthews are pleased to announce the release of their Best Tap and Die Set review and buyer's guide for 2017. The blog article provides mini-reviews for the top ten choices, along with a description of the pros and cons of each option. A good tap and die set is a must-have for any serious craftsman or advanced DIYer. It is important to have a set with consistent quality that is capable of working with a variety of surfaces. The article takes a look at ten of the top sets, examining the key features of each and recommending whether or not it is a good purchase.

The basic function of taps and dies have not changed over the years, and neither has their design. However, the components have changed a little bit, with alloys and titanium coatings becoming more the norm. Fortunately, there are still options out there for people who like good-old-fashioned steel. The wrench style has also changed, with some toolkits changing to two-in-ones and some staying with more traditional T-handles. It will be up to the buyer to decide with the version they like more, or simply find less frustrating.

The article looks at the main features of the ten top sets, which are Irwin Hanson Tap and Die Set with Drill Bits (the Editor's Choice); Neiko 00912A Titanium Coated Tap and Hexagon Die Set; Gino Development 02-0554; TEKTON 7560 Tap and Die Set; IRWIN Tools Metric Tap and Hex Die Set, 41-Piece; and Neiko 00916A SAE Pro-Grade Large-Diameter Titanium Tap & Die Set. Also, the top-ranked tools include Lang Tools 2581 26-Piece Thread Restorer Tap and Die Set; 5/8 – 24 Tap and Die Set; Micro SAE Tap and Die Set and TEKTON 7559 Tap and Die Set.

James Matthews explains, "Since these sets are very project and user-specific tools, the selection lists broad categories. If you need a variety of pieces with more than one measurement system, choose the Irwin Hanson set. If you need a set with more than three or four flutes, The Tekton 7560 includes five and six flutes. If you need a set of both coarse and fine threaded taps, you can choose the Irwin Tools 41 Piece set. Tekton 7560, or Neiko 009124A. The choice of specialty sets can be The Neiko 00916A for large gauge work, Lang Tools 2581 vehicle restoration kit; or the Micro SAE Tap and Die Set for small work.

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