TokerPack Comments On New Bipartisan Marijuana Legalisation Bill To End Federal Prohibition

TokerPack has issued a statement in support of representatives Garrett and Gabbard for their renewed efforts to see cannabis treated in a similar way to alcohol and tobacco.

TokerPack has today made known its strong support for Representatives Thomas Garrett, Virginia Republican, and Tulsi Gabbard, Hawaii Democrat and their Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition Act, which aims to remove marijuana from the controlled substances list, ending the criminalisation of marijuana possession that has devastated communities of lower socioeconomic status.

TokerPack has long been an advocate of the use of marijuana for medicinal reasons, and has been unequivocal in acknowledging and championing the benefits marijuana can have for fully developed adults facing challenging medical diagnoses. They draw attention to benefits such as pain and symptom relief that cannot otherwise be found from modern medicines, evidenced across a range of conditions.

TokerPack emphasizes that non-medical use of marijuana has long been controversial from a legal standpoint, but has been commonplace among the population for decades, with scientific studies unable to find any evidence it is more damaging than tobacco or alcohol, which are not considered controlled substances.

In their comments, TokerPack point out the economic potential, improved safety and regulation, and benefits to users that could come from the bill, as well as highlighting an end to the many disadvantages of the ‘misguided’ war on drugs, including the hefty cost to the taxpayer and the ruination of many young adults’ futures.

A spokesperson for explained, “Cannabis laws in this country are, to put it simply, outdated and wrong. The new bipartisan bill being proposed on Capitol Hill represents a potentially huge leap forward, and an important piece of resistance in light of the current regime’s determination to criminalize people for an everyday activity. The use of the word ‘prohibition’ is certainly deliberate, and we believe it is appropriate to describe current views on marijuana. We thank the representatives for championing this cause.”

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