Tojecoin will overpass the famous Telcoin before 2023 due to its stunning performance and exclusive features

Tojecoin is a leading crypto platform with the potential to invest in 2022. In a recent development, Tojecoin announced its pre-sale that will be directly streamed live from February 15th, 2022.

TOJECOIN (TOJE) is a Crypto Currency specifically designed to convert Crypto into Fiat and send it in a second. With TOJECOIN, users can invest or transfer depending on their financial needs. Money Transfer worldwide is one of the most significant economic phenomena, and it is getting easier and cheaper. Today, many applications transfer money conveniently and at a more affordable price. TOJECOIN revolutionized the idea of money transfer based on “crypto to fiat in a second.” It is looking forward to bringing a substantial change in the market through its mobile remittance features.

The platform is yielding the next potential coin in 2022. Tojecoin ensures the safe, affordable, and easy remittance of its users. Recently, Tojecoin announced its live ICO, which started to sell on February 15th, and it will continue until March 1st of 2022 directly through its website. It plays a vital role in being an instant Crypto to fiat remittance.

Tojecoin brings the good news for all the crypto enthusiasts by offering a 100% reward for early investors. For example, if early investors buy 10 million coins, another 10 million will be an early bonus reward. If they buy 1 billion, another billion coins will be given as a Bonus during pre-sale. The platform aims to yield great opportunities to users for their potential investment in 2022.

It’s time to change the narratives. So, the features Tojecoin exhibits possess the potential to change the market and bring investment opportunities in 2022. Furthermore, it can change the market, and maybe it will be an alternative for current traditional money remittance companies like WU, Wise, and Worldremit.

TOJECOIN may provide its users lucrative gains over a period if they hold it as an investment, or they may purchase TOJECOIN and transfer it to their loved ones, which in turn can cash it out to the currency they need instantly. The team charges minimum fees for the transferor for cashing out, and in fact, the investment only grows if the user HODL TOJECOIN. Thus, compared to other services like Worldremit, Wise, or WU, TojeCoin is more affordable, convenient, and cheaper.

The company has a limited number of COINS, making it only ten trillion TOJECOINS, yet, they have various strategies to decrease the total supply of TOJECOIN over time, meaning individual holdings will become valuable and receive a higher proportion of rewards.

They are launching a series of utilities, platforms, and services to hundreds of millions of people over the coming months, which will all generate revenue independently. Rather than this revenue going to the TOJECOIN founders, the vast part of the profits will be used to burn more coins to develop a positive price action, removing more coins from circulating supply and rewards eligibility. Tojecoin also has a referral system, which offers a 10% bonus for every referred sale.

March 1st of 2022 TOJECOIN will be available on DeFi markets like Uniswapp, Pancakeswap, SushiSwap, and more. For more information, visit the website. Potential users can also join Facebook page to connect with the community and avail their services.

Contact Info:
Name: Adam Johns
Email: Send Email
Organization: TojeCoin (TOJE)
Phone: 202 977 9499

Release ID: 89064519