Toddle Toy Announces Release of Highly Engaging Quality Educational Magnetic Fishing Game

The prestigious company has designed the best wooden toys possible that have a real purpose for our kids. Their Magnetic Fishing Games encourage children to build fine motor skills. Manufactured in an eco-friendly way, they are tested to meet the strictest International Toy Safety Standards.

Fishing games for kids are a fantastic way for them to explore and build developmental skills including motor strength and coordination, cognitive thinking, teamwork and problem solving skills, providing real educational fun.

According to recent study more than half of U.S. parents (58%) use a tech gadget to "babysit" or occupy their little one so they didn't have to. And with the non-stop advances of technology, most of the toys in the market nowadays have robbed a child’s sense of wonder and imagination, not mention causing developmental delays. With this carefully designed and crafted Magnetic Fishing Game, children are given a blank slate upon which they can project all the wildness and extravagance of their imaginations for bigger and better results. It also provides a creative way to teach patience and endurance as well as encourage them to catch and learn to count their fish. Wooden toys such as this fishing game also promotes a connection to nature through contact with wood. This can greatly improve the mental and physical wellbeing of a child.

Generally, wooden toys are safer than plastic toys, wood as a material has also great benefits to a child’s health and wellbeing. But unknown to Parents, usual commercial wooden toys use cheaper wood material, which are much cheaper materials but require the use of toxic glue during production. However, Toddle Toy only uses safer wood, wool, organic cotton, or stainless steel and the toys are colored with non-toxic paints.

Toddle Toy, a rapidly growing toy brand that highly advocates natural play to stir imagination and a sense of wonder in children so they can discover themselves, recently released their collection of wooden toys including Magnetic Fishing game. All of their toys are BPA, Phthalate, PVC, formaldehyde and lead free. Toddle Toys are classic and traditional toys that are 0% plastic, require no batteries and run on 100% imagination! Their collection is made up of heirloom-quality natural toys made from eco-friendly and sustainably-harvested wood that last for years to come. Toddle Toy Magnetic Fishing Game set includes high quality wooden fish toys, and a toy fishing pole for 2 children and it is truly more than a toy.

“Toddle Toy began with a dream to make the best wooden toys possible that have a real purpose. Our mission is to make a difference in family life and the life of every child. Every day, we look for creative ways to take ordinary everyday objects and turn them into timeless and durable wooden toys that build confidence in your child.” said Leo Eliades, CEO of Toddle Toys. “All of our toys are certified to be child-safe and free of lead paint, and are ethically produced from sustainable forests. This means that you can have confidence that any toys you purchase from Toddle Toys are the safest toys you can buy -- for your children and for the health of the planet.”

Toddle Toy’s Magnetic Fishing game features colorful and smooth-edged wooden magnetic fishing rods and fish, with no sharp edges to ensure safety for young children. This simple but incredibly enjoyable game requires children to catch various sea creatures including: a shark, dolphin, octopus, starfish, turtle, seahorse, and many more. The rules of the game can easily be modified by parents to suit the different age groups of your children. Children will be entertained for hours but will also learn important skills such as: hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, concentration, problem solving, numbers and counting, names of common sea creatures as well as social interaction with other children.

The rationale behind creating the Magnetic Fishing Game lies in its benefits. Children are occupied for hours without being glued to the screen but are encouraged to think and learn better as well as be more creative with natural toy. “Our main goal with Toddle Toy Magnetic Fishing Game was to showcase the limitless advantages of natural play with natural toys such as this wooden fishing game,” said Eliades. “We wanted to show people especially parents how natural toys can also entertain children for hours and potentially change children’s lives for the better, and that’s exactly what we’re doing.”

Toddle Toys has re released their Magnetic Fishing Game on To celebrate, Toddle Toy is giving away a special 20% off Amazon discount coupon code so anybody to purchase Toddle Toy’s Magnetic Fishing Game. This way more people can experience these innovative wooden toys at the lowest possible price.

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