Tim Whitten, Family Attorney in Austin, Texas Reveals How He Is Making Divorce Less Stressful and More Affordable

Divorce and family law attorney in Austin, TX announces three step formula he is using to helping families reduce the time, cost and stress of a divorce. For more information visit https://whitten-law.com/

Family lawyer Tim Whitten has just announced how three key steps are addressing the difficult subject of divorce. In particular Mr Whitten’s process is extremely effective in driving down the time and cost of a divorce case.

For more information please visit... https://whitten-law.com/

With 27 years of experience, Whitten’s unique approach is not only helping clients through sensitive cases, such as divorce and child custody battles but is also giving clients, more often than not, the best possible outcome for their particular case.

1 Navigate Uncertainty

“One of the biggest concerns among clients who walk through the door is the uncertainty involved in going forward with a divorce case, including the time and cost involved in resolving a dispute”, says Whitten.

“The first thing that I do with a new client is to educate them on the entire process, particularly during a difficult personal time, so they understand all the different options available to them.”

From here, based on the needs of the client, Whitten can provide the relevant legal advice and a roadmap that sets expectations and reduces stress.

2 Different Approaches

The next step Mr Whitten focuses on is agreeing the type of divorce proceeding, with the three most common approaches being litigation, collaborative, and simple negotiation.

Taking the needs of the client into consideration, Whitten can provide legal input on which road to go down.

“With nearly 3 decades of experience behind me, I generally recommend the collaborative approach as opposed to litigation to people who have unresolved issues”, Whitten commented.

While litigation is an available option, it can often incur greater expenses than the other two. This is one of the reasons clients choose the collaborative approach. Another factor, according to Mr Whitten, is that it is more structured, which provides clients with a “higher level of predictability.”

“Those who decide on the collaborative model agree up front that they are going to settle their case outside of court through a series of meetings. These meetings are normally scheduled based on everyone’s schedules, which also makes the process more predictable than litigation.”

Another option offered by Whitten is simple negotiation, which is an “easy and quick” way to resolve disputes surrounding divorces and can be resolved much more quickly.

3 Enhanced Communication

Another way that Mr Whitten works to reduce overall costs of resolving a dispute is through improving communication. When children are involved in a dispute, one of the best ways to do this is through collaboration with a neutral third party, such as parent coordinators.

When asked to elaborate, Whitten is quoted as saying, “A parent coordinator helps parents communicate and work through issues by meeting with them separately or together and understanding the needs of each party.”

Mr Whitten regularly collaborates with parent coordinators, who provide him with the recommendations so he can file the necessary paperwork.

“This helps solve one of the biggest challenges in cases like this, which is communication. A neutral third party can smooth over breakdowns in communication, which can happen between the parents or between the lawyers.”

For more information please visit... https://whitten-law.com/

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