THW Global, German Ad Giant, Launching New Video Ad Model Paying Up To $25 Per Hour For Watching Videos

Providing a New Way to Earn Income From Any Computer or Smart Device, THW Global is Attracting Thousands Interested in Earning Money From Home.

THW Global, based in Germany, is waking up the Home Business World. With over 150,000 IV’s (International Viewers) already pre-enrolled to get paid up to $25 per hour for watching videos and answering survey questions, THW Global is positioned to be the biggest Home Business opportunity to come on the scene in the past 20 years.

Before THWGlobal came along, there has been little, if any, opportunity for average people to benefit financially from viewing videos on the major video platforms like YouTube. THWGlobal has created a model that's setting the Home Business world on fire. According to the info published on THWGlobal’s site, individuals IV’s (International Viewers) can earn up to $25 per hour watching advertising videos. THWGlobal is seeking millions of people, over the age of 21, around the Globe, who are willing to spend up to 10 hours weekly viewing videos, giving comments on commercials, TV pilot programs, movie trailers, video surveys and much more. Over 90% can be done from any smart phone or computer anytime, and anywhere 24/7, from the comfort of your home or on the road.

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THWGlobal is not only getting the attention of individuals that want to earn some extra money, but also Veteran Internet Marketers like Eric Grant and Chris Cartmill, who co-founded the Technology and Home Business Blog, (pronounced: Cast Me). Eric Grant, an entrepreneur with a 20 year background in network marketing and home business, and Chris Cartmill who has an extensive background in SEO and SEM, teamed up several years ago to create a better way to reach out to other Networkers and individuals interested in making money from home. They have built several sales networks into the multiple thousands of individuals, by utilizing their online skills and methods.

“I’ve never seen a company do what THWGlobal is doing. They are not charging the IV anything to get started, and there is no monthly fees, or any product purchases required. They are actually providing people with a real opportunity to earn fantastic part-time income from home, up to $1,000 per month. Plus, for marketers like us, we are extremely excited about the prospects of building a Global Sales Network with THWGlobal. THWGlobal has created a compensation model that encourages individuals to tell others about the opportunity. Every time someone personally refers another “IV” they can earn up to $5 per hour when that person earns up to $25 per hour. Additionally, individuals have the ability to earn, up to $1 per hour for each person (IV) within 10 levels deep of their International Viewer Team", says Eric Grant.

Grant continues, "So here would be an example of earning potential: Let’s say you get paid up to $25 per hour for your personal viewing activities for 10 hours each week, that would be up to 1,000 per month. Then, let’s say that you told 10 others who would also like to earn, up to $1,000 per month. In this example, you would earn up to $5 per hour, or $50 per week from each person (that’s $200/month potential from each personal referral). But here’s where it gets really good: as your network grows, you’ll earn up to $1 per hour for every individual within 10 levels of your International Viewer Network. If you had only 200 people in your network, you could potentially be earning, up to $200 per hour from those individuals. Plus, there's no limit to the number of referrals you can enroll into your International Viewer Team. I’ve never seen anything so easy to build a team in! Let’s face it, how hard can it be to get people to enroll for free, into an opportunity that doesn’t cost anything to join, has no monthly fees, and provides the opportunity to earn unlimited income? I’m convinced that THWGlobal will break industry records and set a new standard for “Earning Money From Home Opportunities."~ Eric Grant,

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Some Advertising Facts You Should Know:

In 2016 TV Commercials are averaging 15 minutes per hour and according to Nielsen, advertisers spent $78 billion on TV commercials in 2013, compared to $64 billion in 2009." It is expected to grow to over $100 billion by 2017 just in the USA.

The top 5 Advertising Agencies do over $50 Billion in ales "THEY MANUFACTURE NO PRODUCTS" All they do is charge companies to advertise.

Global Advertising Is Expected To Top $650 Billion in Annual Sales in 2016. That Is More Than A $200 Billion Increase In Annual Sales From 2010.

YouTube Alone Was Worth 70 Billion To Google - That's a higher value than all but 66 of the companies listed on the S&P 500, according to Bloomberg. Google Bought YouTube for 1.65 Billion In 2006.

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