Thorn City Syndicate Launches Podcast Brand Management Services

Podcasts and other online marketing outlets are effective tools for branding and building an online presence, publishes

Podcasts are becoming increasingly effective advertising and branding tools according to a recent report from the marketing sector. In fact, studies show these digital audio broadcasts can be more powerful marketing outlets than radio, television, and paid ads combined. Branded podcasts, in particular, have been shown to have a greater positive impact on listeners than many other advertising strategies. In light of this development, Na'eem Hall, President of online marketing and management firm, Thorn City Syndicate, has launched the company's new Podcast Brand Management services.

"Marketing and brand building are essential for today's businesses," said Hall, "but they also present several challenges. I've seen many businesses and individuals struggle with these aspects over the last few years, and it's only going to get more difficult moving forward. That's the very reason I founded Thorn City Syndicate. We're here to help small businesses, start-ups, and other companies build their brands and online presences through various channels and strategies. With our podcast management services, we can help brands take further advantage of all the benefits online marketing provides."

Based on the latest information from the online marketing industry, podcasts prompt at least 20 percent more engagement among consumers than television ads and other marketing alternatives. They also lead to almost 90 percent higher brand awareness and recognition. At the same time, studies show branded podcasts linger on listeners' minds much longer than certain other advertising methods because they are more easily processed by the human brain.

In addition to podcast management, Thorn City Syndicate offers a range of other services. Social Media Management is one of the company's most highly sought-after options. Social media marketing has proven to be an effective tool due to its capacity to reach broader audiences. This marketing outlet also gives businesses greater versatility and the opportunity to reach more targeted audiences. Several management packages and service tiers have been made available to meet the diverse needs of the company's clients.

Concluded Hall, "When done correctly, branding and online marketing can take businesses to entirely new heights. We know what it takes to help them build their brands and outshine their competitors. From Website development to social media and podcasts, we ensure our clients are able to make the most of all the online marketing outlets available to them. We also offer help with numerous other aspects, including business education, personal and corporate credit building, entity creation, and securing funding to name a few. No matter what our clients need to create their businesses and build their brands, they'll find it with us."

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With a focus on brand building, social media marketing, advertising, and production, Thorn City Syndicate offers a range of services geared toward helping businesses develop their images and evolve their online presences.

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